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Feeder head on Lithrone 28 shuts off too early

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  • Feeder head on Lithrone 28 shuts off too early

    Good afternoon all,

    My Feeder head on our Lithrone28 is dropping the sheet before the first set of feed board wheels are coming in contact with it. It is also not blowing out of the boot on the feeder head at that time too leaving me with usually two bent corners on the gripper of our press sheets. Right now we are running 100# gloss text 19 x 25

    any help is greatly appreciated on how to adjust/fix this.

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    try raising up the gripper corners of the feeder pile a bit with wedges. That should solve your dogeared corners issue and may even help you with the timing issue IF the low corners are holding the sheet back a bit. If it doesn't resolve the timing issue then id say you have to re time your feeder.


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      Thank you, we have tried the wedges and seemed to not make too much difference as the air is cutting off on the forwarding suckers halfway through the movement forward. Do you have an idea on where I can find the timing adjustment and how to make the adjustment for the pressman?


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        not really a lithrone guy but I can say this.... Most feeders will have a drive shaft that is connected to the feeder head via a universal joint. This U joint will usually be connected by a slotted flange. If this is the case I would suggest using some white out or bright colored sharpie marker to make a witness mark on the slotted flange to "mark" you current position. Then experiment with moving the timing in both directions until you can determine the ideal timing between your feeder head and the first set of feeder table drive wheels. If you have the press manual id be willing to bet this is clearly explained better than I could here.


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          Have you looked at the Feeder Head Cam Controls ?

          Regards, Alois


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            SO ..... when did these Feeder problems start One day everything OK - next day ... problems ??

            Before we go into Feeder Head timing malfunctions, have checked the Air Pump - Suction/Blast airflow ?

            Regards, Alois


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              Check the feeder timing & feeder chain tension. the timing info should be in the operator manual,
              I think our machine was 238 (240~245)
              Forwarding sucker timing-Air on/off would come from Komori via the phone. Example would be On @ 140, Off @ 305


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                Hi All, so the timing of the feeder head seems to be in time, there was a lot of play from the belleville stack in the feeder head so we replaced with a spring which seemed to help the issue quite a bit. It seemed as though the shaft that controlled the forwarding suckers was not touching the cam all the way causing it to be out of sync with the rest of the feeder head. I don't know if it is 100% solved but seems to be a lot better.


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                  Alois, it seemed that way which is what concerned me. I think it has always either been in time or out of time and the pressman is making a fuss now about it for some reason. We checked all the air lines, vlaves and shafts to make sure there was no debris or any material in any of the air pathways.

                  CKL, I will pass that info along to the pressman. Thank you!

                  jamesandersonicb, I don't really understand your post but we don't run garbage through our press. We run quality papers coated and uncoated.


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