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Striking-Thru uncoated paper

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  • Striking-Thru uncoated paper

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking at the possibility of using strike-thru on uncoated paper for better registration and hairline details. The challenge is to make the gloss areas pop despite the absorbent substrate, and to not change the quality of paper in the unprinted & matte areas (from varnishing/coating/offset spray powders).

    First Idea: 2 press passes:
    1st pass: Inks + aqueous primer
    2nd pass: Spot Gloss Varnish + Strike Thru dull varnish with Gloss UV flood

    Second Idea: 1 press pass:
    Inks + Spot Gloss Varnish+ Strike Thru dull varnish with Gloss AQ

    What are your thoughts?
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    The other issues that raise their head is the strike-thru varnish eventually yellowing the paper; and the ink+UV causing a leaching effect on the reverse side of the sheet...


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      Hello "Bronze Blue"

      My thoughts - Only a Mad Man would think these thoughts !!!!

      Regards, Alois


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        Originally posted by Alois Senefelder View Post
        Hello "Bronze Blue"

        My thoughts - Only a Mad Man would think these thoughts !!!!

        Regards, Alois
        Oh heck. Unfortunately I have inexperience as both my defense and cause. As Niebuhr said, "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
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          I'd better ask why would it be mad?

          The idea came about from The Munken Guide to Uncoated Paper p.100
          • "Uncoated paper grades can be UV varnished for an extra effect, although it is important to bear in mind that the effects are different to those seen on coated paper. The porosity of uncoated paper enhances the penetration of varnish into the paper, destroying the visual effect. Therefore, multiple layers are needed. The first layer ([aqueous] primer) provides a barrier, and the top layer will be the actual varnish. Since fully varnishing a sheet is rarely a complete success, spot UV varnishing is preferred... Very special, exciting results can be created using spot UV varnishing on uncoated paper. However, it is essential to first prime the sheet and then varnish once, or in some cases twice, for the perfect result."
          combined with this thread (Strike-Through tips...):

          Originally posted by Bill Rothwell View Post
          When I run my spot gloss and spot dull varnish they are both spot and not on top of each other. For example, sometimes our customers will want to run large area of the dull varnish say over a black solid with type that is reversed out and then the type is printed in a color and spot gloss over the type, then finish with and overall of matte AQ coating. the coating will seal the sheet and as it drys will give you a very matte finish and the spot gloss varnish type will strike thru the matte coating giving it the matte and gloss contrast. The overall matte aq coating will also insure the job from blocking in the delivery. I haven't had any experience with uv coatings so I cannot comment on it.Hope this helps and let us know how your making out with things, Bill
          Another thought was whether drytrapped oleoresinous varnish would be better than AQ
          Originally posted by D Ink Man View Post
          Yes slightly, but an underprint oleoresinous varnish (similar to OP Varnish) would work better. Dry trap of course.

          D Ink Man
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            Hello "Bronze Blue"

            A little enlightenment, visit you need to find - Printers Tech Tips and there you will (difficult at times scrolling through ) !!!

            find lots of free publications - seeing you have a "Fetish" about Varnishing !

            #1 Varnish Techniques , is a good start, many more available.

            Regards, Alois.

            "From knowledge to competence is a great step--- from ignorance to competence an even greater one"


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              @ alibryan. Exactly why I was asking. I wouldn't want that to be the case.

              The idea was borne from industry suggestions for different techniques (theirs, not mine).

              I just found this older thread too which leads in a similar direction.


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