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GTO DDS dampening problems

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  • GTO DDS dampening problems

    Hello everybody, my experience with the GTO and DDS system is very little. First off our pressman quit and I had to learn the GTO the hard way only having operator experience on a half web. Fortunately I have had some helper experience on Heidelberg 72's.

    I noticed on the 4th unit Yellow that the stripes thoughout the DDS unit were fat on one end and skinny on the other end. So when I had the time I restriped all the dampening rollers. Since then the only way I can keep the plate clean is by lowering the distributor roller that contacts the inking rollers with the dampening rollers. I think if I remember right on the bigger 72's they call this roller the z-roller. Well this causes problems too but it has gotten me by and luckily it's the yellow unit which is right in front of me.

    If I disengage the distributor roller from the DDS rollers then half of the plate on the gear side scums up thick and heavy.

    1996 GTO with the DDS system and don't get me wrong I really like this press.

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    Re: GTO DDS dampening problems

    we had a large number of issues with a 1996 gto w/ dds damps. this was the first year for the dds. they were all retrofitted in 1997 or 1998 with a newer dds. call heidelberg and make sure it was retrofitted. constant head ache. seven rollers in a dampener. the book settings and the actual settings would never be in sync. it was trial and error to get it right. metering roller is real important. but if connecting the dampening and ink with the bridge roller fixes/ over dampens then you probably need more pressure between the intermediate and the form. these only touch when the dampener is on. new rollers help. also i hope you have a chiller on it. the z roller ( bridge roller/integrated) is used to ink up and clean up the dampening system I like to use white ink to set the stripes.


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      Re: GTO DDS dampening problems

      Very Interesting.

      New rollers are on they way in.

      Not only do we not have a chiller but we don't have a climate controlled shop. Headaches I know but that I do not have control over. Right now the temperature is OK but the summer months are tough.

      Thanks Rob, Big Big help.


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        Re: GTO DDS dampening problems

        Problem is solved. Found a slip of documentation that gave the correct stripe size's. NO new rollers yet just more experience with this dampening system and your advice, Rob.

        Thanks again!


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          Re: GTO DDS dampening problems

          we used to have trouble on hot days. we would get a tone starting at about 7 inches down the rest of the sheet all the way accross the sheet. add Ice or ice cold water and the issue would go away, until it warmed up.


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