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Ghosting a different approach to fixing ink starvation on press

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  • Ghosting a different approach to fixing ink starvation on press

    I'm sure everyone knows how to defeat ghosting on press by running more paper and creating inked areas to balance the draw so the light areas from a large solid area are compensated for and are eliminated or muted to be sale-able (Which is a word I do not like to use).

    For those who don't we run ink beyond the trim on the job of color to compensate for the amount used from the press to make the area which is drawing the ink even, or more even, to make the areas which are staving for ink on press less noticeable. If you thin of a capital T the draw or ghost would be in the top center of the T, by adding ink on each side and not in the middle this can help compensate the starvation caused by the long middle strip.

    Last week we had a job on press we could not make a layout to help this on. And the sheet size was tight and could not be altered. We had ghosting from a medium bar that ran the length of the press sheet from gripper to tail and went into a heavy bar. We made a new magenta plate and strengthened the magenta only in the areas of the ghosting. We increased this to 85%, it was 77% magenta 96% Cyan and 6% Black. It wasn't perfect, it was muted back beyond our expectations. This was a CMYK job and solids in PMS could be fixed this way, it would require a lot more effort to figure the bump needed.

    However, for CMYK work it may be possible to formulate the ink starvation and generate a compensation chart. A thing that occurred to me is how UCR and GCR can achieve close results with different color tables.

    This fix took one plate to make work, I'm sure by planning when needed this could make things go a lot better if you don't have paper to compensate with.

    If I don't come across clear on this please let me know

    Thanks - Andy
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