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Goss community tuckerblade problems

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  • Goss community tuckerblade problems

    I have problems with our fresh purchased Goss SSC folder (1995, rebuild in 2002)
    After replacing all the consumables and put in new movable jaws and gripper bar, the center sheet keeps cutting on a few spots.
    I have timed the tucker blade a dozen times without any effect. Put ruby tape over the the tucker blade which made it a little better but still I can see some damage caused by the tucker blade. Also changing the jaw tension does not get rid of the problem.
    Does anyone have a solution for this problem? please help.

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    Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

    Are you running your web tension on the high side? I spent 9 years
    running one of these and the only time it was not a timing issue the web
    tension was too high. You need just enough to keep it from walking. One
    other thought. Have you tried replacing the blade? Maybe the one you
    have is too high.

    Dennis W. Ewing Sr
    Ewing and Sons Printing
    12000 Crownpoint, #130
    San Antonio, TX 78233
    210/650-9916 Fax


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      Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

      Thanks for the fast reply Dennis. I will check on the web tension for sure
      I put in a new tucker blade never thought of the height of these. The folder didn't come with a manual what puts me behind the 8 ball.
      I'll let you know if I made any progress.


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        Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

        How many webs are you running

        Do you have a slanted tucker blade or straight. If slanted slant has to be towards the nose.

        I'll be back Saturday as I have Sunday Monday off.

        The book doesn't say all that much about the tucker blade.

        You can contact Goss and they will send you another book. It's not much help just general stuff.

        John Wilson

        Tracy Press
        Tracy Ca

        [|mailto:jwilson@tracypress.c opm]


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          Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

          It is a slanted blade and it's towards the nose . the ripping mostly
          occurs on the other end, what I did is making the that slanted as well
          and it's working for now, two days without ripping the center sheet.
          Maybe my blade is a little too hight.
          We mostly run between 1 and 5 webs.
          You guys run community SSC as well?
          Thanks for the heads up,


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            Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

            We’re running a modified SC folder all the guts are SSC.

            We have two four highs with 4 mono units. 6 tab webs is all you can pull through an SC or SSC. We pull 4 to 6 webs most every day.

            90% of what we run are tabs less than 25/K with 16 pages of 4 color.

            I’m told we’re moving to a larger site that will have a SSC folder as well as two four high waiting. We’ll move the 4 mono units to the site over the weekend get two of them running so we’ll have 40 tab pages then get the other two mono units running a few days after that then we’ll take our time moving the other two 4 highs and the other folder.

            With the SC folder we have a top speed of 18,500 pph. We hand fly all run as we have no room for a counter stacker. The new building will have a stacker on the SSC.

            A 48-tab 1/4 fold at 18,500 is a bit of a problem hand flying but we manage. We have two employees on both side of the bed flying, bundling and stacking.

            John Wilson
            Tracy Press

            Tracy Ca


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              Re: Goss community tuckerblade problems

              What I am going to suggest to fix this problem you might think does not make sense but it works. What we do to stop this problem is we take the tucker blade to stationary jaw setting to a wider then the OEM specification. (OEM .060 we go .090) You must hold open the movable jaw with a bar so there is no pressure on the tucker blade. This allows for a good true setting.

              We then have the tucker blade machined down from 2 1/4 to 2 3/16 in total width. This creates less penetration. The one last thing to do is take the stationary jaws have them surfaced ground .007 on the face and spray them back up with the tungsten metal spray. This is the same stuff you use on the movable jaw face. We also use one piece movable jaws.

              You might have to play with the jaw closing a little bit but we run up to 6 webs on newprint just fine. We will at times to reduce the wipe out of the center web up 3M teflon tape on the tucker blade.



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