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    Anyone have any suggestions for running with better effeciency with remmittance envelopes? We do not have an envelope feeder nor do we do enough to justify the cost of one. We can only do lifts of about 50 at a time. We use a little block made from chipboard to raise the flaps in order to level them out.


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    Re: Remittance Envelopes

    I once worked with a pressman who made a right angle out of some plywood and hammered
    some nails through it in rows of two a few inches apart. He'd rest the flaps in lifts on the nails
    and somehow balance the rig on his feed table. It held about 500-600 envelopes though, and
    he didn't have to stoop over the press for hours on end. The trick is to fabricate the rig so that
    it raises with your table, but doesn't get bound up by any guides, grippers or suction feet.
    I've never seen anyone else use one, but that sure worked well.


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      Re: Remittance Envelopes


      Thomas has the right idea, I've heard it called a "jig" for any device that facilitates a mechanical or manual process.

      We have a Heidelberg Windmill that came standard with several jigs: one where the blades swing away form a rod that bolts down to the feed table. We have used this jig on our ABDick 360's and it has worked well.


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