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    is anyone using Varn protector Fount solution?

    Our incoming water supply ppm = 140 (interestingly enough our chilled water dispenser in the office reads 300ppm!)

    Our fount mix @ 5% gives us a conductivity reading of 700µs in the tank

    No alcohol used at all

    Our pressmen are telling me that the ink seems to be emulsifying, we're not getting clean startups either.

    We changed over from 8% alcohol using Varns' cleanup routine, we noticed an improvement in the amount of foaming (Tecnotrans Alpha fount chiller/doser/circulator) but the damp on press is as described.

    Any input appreciated.

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    Re: Varn Protector fount

    I checked out the brochure, and it says the recommended dosage is 2-4%, while you are using 5%. Try to cut it back to 3% and see if emulsification is less and clean up is better. Too much foo-foo juice can start to break down the ink, and make it look like the plate isn't cleaning up well. You might check the roller stripes of the form rollers and the water metering roller stripe, make sure they are not pumping in too much fountain solution.

    What kind of plate and press?

    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, PA


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      Re: Varn Protector fount

      Komori 626EMP, new rubber thru'out, all rollers recently reset.

      We were running fine on 8% alcohol, but were persuaded to try alcohol-free.

      I think you're right about the overdosing - we've cut it back to show 1000µs on conductivity - still getting a little edge of plate scumming on two units when starting up but it clears when press reaches run speed.


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