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Job shop expectations and incentives

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  • Job shop expectations and incentives

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to organize and standardize job ticket information for a medium volume printer (job shop) to ensure consistent instructions are given to varying departments from job to job?

    What sort of incentive programs do you have built....are these based on a daily 'expectation' for the operators, and or disciplinary action when no achieved? Are these based on OEE...avail., perform., and quality?


    Joel Greavu, QALC
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    Re: Job shop expectations and incentives

    We are a short run colour house and print on 5 and 6 colour SM74's (all with coaters ) each press prints about 30+ sets of colour with total on average a combined run of about 60,000 per 24 hours. On average we take about 25 mins to MR 5mins to turn sheet over (W and T) 10 mins to wash up and run (sheets on the floor a)bout 9000 per hour and get around 85% chargeable time

    My experience on press production is that u have to get your ducks in line first before looking at performance issues.. . Plates, job description, paper ink and what the press minder is matching on press all have to ready . We also run to IS0 12647-2 so all subjectivity has been taken away - its much faster .

    As far as instructions are concerned we do have real issues - customer services want electronic job bags so they can just update our MIS system and not find the job bag and replace the paper pne when changes are made, and my bindery want paper instructions as they dont want to keep going to a terminal to look what to do. The battle is on going. What happens is that the press guys see the latest job description as they use data capture - so look at terminals - my bindery however ---well sometimes the instructions arent correct (this is an on going issue)

    I never like incentive schemes in one part of the factory as it just causes ill feeling.



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