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  • DaVinci

    Has anyone used an MIS called DaVinci?

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    Re: DaVinci

    I enquired about it, the starting price was $100,000 Australian, no MIS is worth that, what a joke.


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      Re: DaVinci

      AUD$100,000? Really?

      When I enquired about it (very early on in the piece I must admit) they said around AUD$40,000 starting point.

      I'm sure they even did me an official quote. We couldn't afford it at that stage I'm afraid.

      It's intelligent when it generates a job plan, but although built on the JDF platform (that was their edge, being the first structured on JDF) it wouldn't output JDF imposition data for prepress. They said that would be custom development for each individual need.

      The ultimate I believe is getting an MIS which thoroughly communicates with Metrix the Intelligent Layout Calculator. Williamson printing have done exactly that. From web front to completion! Although I've heard that Vistaprint has the ultimate in Automation - end to end!


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        Re: DaVinci

        Our company put in Davinci about 18 months ago and it is pretty good.

        We mostly do bookwork and about 60% of our entire workflow is now handled automatically straight from the web.

        My understanding is that it sends layout data automatically to prepress - it certainly gives me the layout on the screen when it does the estimate for me.

        I think it might be expensive but we have dropped several estimators since it has gone in as much of their work is now handled automatically. This saves the company a lot of money and also the quotes are done in seconds rather than the next day.


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          Re: DaVinci

          I have had 2 jobs using Davinci - at Lindsay Yates and Focus Press.

          I think it is fantastic.

          I have been an estimator for 30 years and I must say that DaVinci is probably better than I am.

          It is very good for complex layouts - it does things in seconds that would probably have taken me hours.

          You don't even need to be an estimator to use DaVinci. At Focus the sales people were doing their own estimates. Only the really awkward ones were sent to the estimators.

          I have no idea about the cost of it. I do know that they now have an express version for smaller printers but I don't know anything about it - I think it is also automatic.



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