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    Is anyone using Heidelberg’s Prinect MIS?

    If so, any comments on implementation and usage?


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      Originally posted by inkmann View Post

      Why would you say that?
      My favorite soapbox! We use Pace and DSF from EFI. Short answers:
      1) Their products are not supported very well, i.e., bugs and defects are not fixed in a timely matter. In our experience, wait time for fixes measures in years.
      2) Cost way outweighs the value. There is more modern software out there for way less, with more features. That will probably work.
      3) The software code itself is often a mess. They use old languages and functions (like storing passwords with unsalted MD5 hashes, which is bad), have to deal with Frankenstein-ing together all the unrelated products they purchased from smaller companies together, and I believe outsource most of their coding to firms in India. Nothing wrong with Indian coders, but there is a loss of communication and vision when you're outsourcing the development of niche software to company outsiders.
      4) Poor testing is evident. Yearly we'll get software-breaking bugs in very normal every-day processes. If their patches were tested by humans who use the software for business, these would be obviously caught. Automated testing doesn't notice those.


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