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  • ePace

    Hi Gang,

    Just wonder if anyone is using ePace and would like to comment on it. Sounds good but is it as good as they say?



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    Re: ePace

    Not using it but am in the same situation as you. Just starting to look at what is out there and get some demo's going. The ePace product does look nice (which means it's probably out of our reach financially

    Have you done the demo of it yet?


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      Re: ePace

      Saw MOST of the demo, had to duck out for an IT issue. Looks sweet and it's all browser based so there's no software updates to worry about for the clients. It does have a proprietary box to run on though so I'm calling that a drawback. Max storage on the box is 10G. I'm used to dealing in Teras of storage space so something that's only a few gigs seems tiny. Course it only for database files. As for pricing, I haven't heard. Not going to worry about that until I get my top 3 list together.


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        Re: ePace

        We have been using Pace2020 and ePace for over 11 years. In comparison to other MIS systems it offers complete functionality throughout the print shop. The biggest advantages are:
        Web based GUI - no special database connections and special operating system configurations
        ePace Station - create your own queries with your data eliminating all the custom Crystal Reports
        Custom API with other vendors

        It has been a positive experience for our company.


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          Re: ePace


          What size shop do you have and do you use e pace for estimating.


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            Re: ePace

            About 65 employees
            Not really, but note that it is an important piece of the puzzle in order to get accurate job costs out of the system. The estimating module is easy once all preferences are set-up for your shop.


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              Re: ePace

              Thanks Tina

              Do I understand correctly that your company does not use e pace for its initial estimating, but uses e pace for the rest of the MIS and billing? -- If this is correct, what estimating system do you use?



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                Re: ePace

                Hey Guys, I was interested to hear why the estimating wouldn't be used in ePace. The salesmonkey that pitched it here had our estimator foaming at the mouth. He's all set to switch over to an automated system. Does it work like they say? Any comments?


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                  Re: ePace

                  We've been on ePace for 7 years now. The system is virtually bulletproof. No freezes, or system wide crashes inherent with the Windows based systems out there. Estimating is intuitive and fast, with minimal keyboard entry to run an estimate. it can estimate Digital, Sheetfed, Web, and Wide format. The system can even toggle between them on its own, all within the same estimate... based on the estimate quantity input. Very Slick.

                  We run all the modules, including dynamic scheduling... A fully intuitive electronic scheduling board for all departments. Times and specifications from the estimate are converted to the job and fed into Scheduler automatically upon job entry. The scheduler board functions in real time as the jobs are being worked on, showing job start, progress and completion. Employees are queued to the next job on the list, and can see loading for the day/ week/ month. Jobs can be moved around and prioritized, and the board displays how a move affects the delivery date of subsequent jobs on the board. From the day we implemented ePace Scheduler, the manual schedule boards and printed schedule sheets "went away" in the plant. We would really be lost without it.

                  Browser based, platform independent, accessible from home or on the road... and simple to operate. It won't do your work for you, but it will let you do more work with less people. In my opinion, you would be hard pressed to find an MIS system that could surpass ePace.

                  And no... I don't get paid to say all this. I just think its that good. When you were brought up in the industry doing everything manually, you just appreciate amazing technology so much more.


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                    Re: ePace

                    Are there any unusual security concerns with the ePace server? Like our VP likes to say, "We don't want no possums comin' in through the dog door."


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                      Re: ePace

                      Sit tight -- rumor has it that our shop has purchased the system...if this infact has happened, will keep everyone posted.



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                        Re: ePace

                        We have used pace since 1984 (around this time), and switched to epace when it first released 3 or 4 years ago. Like any software suite it has its advantages and disadvantages. Bottomline, it is an excellent tool, but only as good as the person wielding the tool. We are a small/mid-size commercial printer - $4MM to $4.5MM annual revenue, approx 35 employees.

                        * _GUI, web-based program_ that is very easy to use for anyone able to navigate websites. May links/ways to get to the screen you want.
                        * _comprehensive_ suite from Sales, estimating, and production, through accounting and general ledger.
                        * _open source_ so if you have programming savvy you can customize (or you can pay pace to customize). They also sell a customization module for those without programming knowledge.
                        * _can be integrated with other software_ (e.g. UPS Worldship)
                        * _copious reports_ for all modules. reports can also be modified or created sing crystal clear.
                        * _epacestation queries_ - if you appreciate the power of excel, you will love this query engine. Also incredibly simple to use.
                        * _top-notch support._ Can't stress enough how responsive and helpful the support staff is.
                        * _fully integrated modules_ equals a streamlined entry process. _NOTE: it is of utmost importance to follow Pace's prescribed amount of time required for Estimating setup. The better and more comprehensive the initial setup, the more accurate and automated your data and workflow will be._
                        * _Pace is very open to suggestion_. They realize that MIS's must evolve in order to stay relevant and ahead of the pack so they continuously update and upgrade their products to meet the demands of users - both via internal product research and client recommendations. The annual Pace user conference is also a good arena to get your point across.
                        * _highly stable system_. In the 8 years I have been at this company, never once have I encountered a serious issue such as a system crash or hijacking. Some issues arise (sometimes) when a version upgrade occurs, but Pace's response and fix is usually one day at most.
                        * _Data collection_ - invaluable tool to capture labor costs for jobs.
                        * _Auto Emails_ - you can purchase a module that will send emails to recipients based on system triggers you prescribe.

                        * _can be "keystroke intensive"_ if the front end is partially or incorrectly setup. If you do not take the time to setup estimating, your products, etc, then the CSR will have a good deal of keystroking to perform to get the specs of the job jacket correct.
                        * in version 16 _gang run operations do not allow_ us to assign the amount of time spent per job. I think this has been fixed in later versions.
                        * _can be costly for contracted support._ This is support not already covered in the monthly maintenance fees, i.e. onsite visits, web-based training, etc.
                        * _historically poor documentation_, but they are now working to remedy this via downloadable Computer Based Training modules, ePace University, etc.
                        * _Dynamic Scheduler_ - "cool" product but unless you have someone that can devote 30 to 40 hours a week to keep this updated, don't invest the time and money until you do, or until pace has fully automated this product.
                        * can't really think of any others at this time.

                        If you purchase pace I think you'll be pleased. Again, it is not a "silver bullet" and you can't please everyone all the time. You will get some moans and groans from some nay-sayers but this is nothing more than an aversion to change. Once people get used to the system, you'll think back to how you used to accomplish the same tasks prior to pace and dread ever having to go back to the old ways.


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                          Re: ePace

                          Have you consider Intraprint? It offers all the functionality of ePace with a fully integrated web to print solution as well. Check out their website


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                            Re: ePace


                            What kind of information do we need to capture for the estimating package? How much detail?



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                              Re: ePace

                              > {quote:title=Ryan Twose wrote:}{quote}
                              >Check out their website

                              Don't you mean "Our" website? You're a rep of the company, some disclosure of that in the post seems appropriate.


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