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Member Spotlight - Gordon Pritchard

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  • Member Spotlight - Gordon Pritchard

    Member Spotlight on [Gordon Pritchard|]

    *City/State where you live*
    Gonzales Bay, Victoria, BC, Canada - and love it here.

    *Current place of employment*
    Kodak Graphic Communications Group

    *Job Title*
    Value in Print Initiative Marketing Manager (whew! If you've heard of Staccato screening or Spotless Printing - I'm why)

    *Hometown City/State*
    Victoria BC Canada (grew up in Sussex England emigrated to Montreal in '56, moved to the wet coast in '76)

    *Favorite Musician/Band*
    I mostly listen to Ambient/Chill/Dub music - e.g. Pentatonik, Banco de Gaia, The Starseeds, Kate Bush, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Mad Professor, Van Morrison, Jethro Tull

    *Favorite activity outside of work*
    Landscape sketching (fountain pen), watercolor painting, antiquing, walking country trails

    *Store you would max your credit card at*
    The Apple store, Lens and Shutter, Zulu Records,

    *Something you must do or accomplish before you die*
    Travel to India, Jamaica/Trinidad, learn to really paint in watercolour

    *Other occupation you would like to try*
    Full time artist/author
    Search for "pritchard" on

    *First Car*
    1963 Morris Minor 1000 - the best car ever made.

    *Personal Quote*
    "Let it fall." There's a long story behind that quote - much too much to go into here.

    *Favorite book*
    The Dhammapada

    *Favorite Movie*
    Just one? Naw. :-) Blade Runner, Brief Encounter, Cannery Row, The Best Years of Our Life, This Happy Breed, The Marrying Kind, Assault on Precinct 13. My favorite TV show is/was Hancock's Half Hour

    Beautiful daughter, and wonderful wife (married to for 37 years)

    *Favorite Vacation spot*
    Camping at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington

    Thanks Gordon

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