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  • Watches Tutorial

    A watch notifies you by email if the item you are interested in has been updated. You can watch entire categories, forums, individual threads or users.

    Watches are a great way to stay informed of new content on the forums without having to come to the website.


    *To create a watch on a category follow these steps:*

    1 Login to your account

    2.Select the category you would like to watch.

    3. Click on the Watch Category button

    This will watch all the forums within that category. You will receive an email notification for each new thread or post for all forums in that category

    *To create a watch on a forum. Follow these steps:*


    2.Click on the forum you want to create the watch for


    3.Click on the "Watch this forum" button


    This option will watch only the forum for updates.


    *To create a watch on a thread. Follow these steps:*


    2.Click on the thread you want to create the watch for


    3.Click on the "Watch this this thread" button


    This option will watch only the forum for updates.

    *Watch Options*
    Each user has their own options for watches. To access these options follow these steps:

    1. Login

    2. At the top right of your screen, click on "Your Control Panel"


    3. On the right select "Your Watches"


    Your watch preferences window will have the following options:


    *Always Watch Threads I create*

    *Always Watch Threads I reply*

    These 2 options are a great way to automatically subscribe to threads you participate in, no additional action is required by you.

    *Send Watch Emails (Immediately, Once per day, Every Other Day, Once Per week)*

    If you specify Immediately, you will receive one email per post, If you specify Once per day, Every other day or Once weekly, you will receive a digest with links to the updated posts, The digests will not contain the content of the posts (unlike the immediate option), only a notification that a post has been made and a directly link to see the post.

    Below your watch preferences is a list of all your current watches, you can delete items you no longer wish to watch. If a watch does not have any activity within 90 days, it will automatically be removed from your watch list.

    If you have any additional questions about watches or need help getting them setup, please email me at

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    Re: Watches Tutorial

    Whenever you get a chance, please read the above over and see if it makes sense, or if there is anything more about the topic that needs to be included.

    I have found that a lot of the feedback so far has been easily addressed by showing users some of these types of features.


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      Re: Watches Tutorial

      Eric created an imovie one time when he was here.

      That might be something we can do too.


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        Re: Watches Tutorial

        ya, i can create one based on this. I'd go ahead and post this version. Can we embed quicktime or just link to it? i'll send what i create and you can see what you think...give me a day or two. i'm backed up a bit.


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          Re: Watches Tutorial

          minor, but "Watch this forum" is actually "Watch Forum". might wanna put quotes around the category one too. Also, "Watch this this thread" - take out a this. ;-)

          "Always Watch Threads I reply" should be "Always Watch Threads I reply to"

          You might also mention that you can unwatch things from the thread, forum, or category being watched via "Stop watching..."


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