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Double Sided Transparency?

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  • Double Sided Transparency?

    A co-worker was working with me one day and one of our VP's called him up.

    "Troy, you need to contact this customer, it has gotten up to the VP Cusotmer Relations team".

    Troy Asked, "Anny idea what we are dealing with before I call".

    VP relied, "No, nothing I can see, but apparently they called several depts and she felt she got the run around".

    Troy called up the customer to get some more details.

    The customer said, "I am so frustrated!", she started. "My Boss has been hounding me to get this done."

    "OK.", Troy replied. "What seems to be the problem?".

    "I need to get these transparencies double sided so I can get them out", the secretary explained.

    There was a pause. Troy relayed the issue to me. I gave him a look like he had 10 heads.

    Troy composed himself.

    "Ma'am?", Troy started. "PHYSICALLY, we can do this. However, I can't see why you would do this."

    "And why is that?", the secretary asked.

    "I know this is going to be a stupid question", Troy explained. ", but for the sake of arguement, what is a tranparency for?"

    "Well, to put on a projector to see it on the wall", answered the secretary.

    "So what do you think you will see if you print on both sides of a see through media?" Troy asked.

    "Well you would..." the secretary stopped.

    "Ohhhhh....I am so sorry Troy", she said. "My boss had me so riled up about this I don't know WHAT I was thinking."

    "Quite alright, Ma'am", Troy said.


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    I had the same request from a COLLEGE PROFESSOR! The look on his face when I explained why this was a bad idea was hilarious.
    I had another great request:
    A new restaurant opened across the street, and a young woman came in with a bingo card they had altered with their logo. She asked for 500 copies.
    I asked what they were for, and she said they were having a Grand Opening Bingo night. I asked if she was sure she wanted 500 copies of the same card, she said yes, that's what her boss wants.
    I then asked her what she thought the sound of 500 people yelling BINGO!!! at the same time would sound like. Her eyes got as big as dinner plates when she realized what I was saying. She thanked me for saving them from a horrible embarrassment and gave me a free dinner!


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        Or like the service call I got from a guy asking why his drum scanner has lost all the images in the batch.
        It turned out that he was filling the drum then doing the pre scans, then filling the drum then doing the pre scans, you get the picture..


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