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    The difference being that when you are charitable with your own money, it's your money and you know exactly how much it costs you...

    ... although french workers don't pay any collection themself, so nobody forces us to pay anything...

    ... cause everything is paid by the boss and the company: our pay slip shows every collections, percentages, amounts, charges, etc. of the employer's part, paid by our employer, also shows all those that are the employee's part (this part makes the difference between the gross salary and the net salary), and the employee's part is also paid by the employer.
    So, we (=employees) don't pay anything, and, frankly, we don't really care about the gross salary, cause it is money we don't get for collections we don't pay, and the only numbers that interests us/me is the last line "Net to be paid" showing the exact amont of money I will really get on my paycheck.

    I work since 35 years, and I even don't know exactly how much percent of the gross salary is each part: as far as I know/remember the boss's part is around 40%, the employee's part is around 20-21%???* I even don't know what is my actual gross salary... and in fact it doesn't matter: when an employe negociates a salary or a salary raise with his boss it is always finally a net salary.
    And how much the boss will pay for us is the last and least of our concerns!

    I just calculated the percentages, based on my pay slip, it's 39,5 % for the employer and 22,33% for the employee... minus extra 25,82 euro for each to pay the new (since 2016) mandatory (private) complementary healthcare.
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