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      Option 1: Let’s downsize our staff so we can offer the same services as we do now but in a less efficient way.
      Option 2: Let’s take this time to reevaluate our processes and invest in training and new technologies that will give us a competitive advantage now and in the future.
      "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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        Oh, and just because we have a smaller staff and you'll have to do more work, don't expect more money.


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          Lets face it, the team wasn't working to max capacity anyways. So wants a few less, management will finally get the most bang for their buck when you work harder lol


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            We've let go 5 people in 6 months. So I have gone from 9 hour days to 10-12 hour days plus some weekends- Nice being on salary.
            Meanwhile ownership still drives in very expensive cars and eats out every night and works 3-4 hours a day and tells us how bad they have it.


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              Would we agree that there are companies out there would are doing well in this climate?

              Then actually the management should be the first to go, the ones that keep on year after year telling us the same old story of job cuts and efficiency drives while the company, sides down the greasy pole, death by a thousand cuts. What we need is a new leader with passion and vision.


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