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    Oh boy. Gord, you've opened a can of worms here. I've had—as I'm sure all have— customers that treated me as a credit card company. Worse really, because at least credit card companies can demand and get interest. Sure I can tack on a service/interest charge. It's largely ignored.
    Fortunately I'm so close to full retirement, I've been able to get rid of slow payers. Just service the good guys now.


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      Big fat deposit and the rest due upon pickup or delivery of job until your credit check passes muster. Sounds like yours won't, so you'd better get used to forking over the money.

      Of course, that makes it even worse for the other print shops you abandoned that you still owe.


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        Have a guy running away from a printing bill right now. Sometimes they can be such D-bags. Even had the gall to accuse me of trying to steal one of his customers (he's a broker). Then just stopped contacting me. Oh, and his companies Facebook page just posted a few weeks ago that they were able to do embroidery for an NBA event sponsored by Bleacher Report. But can't pay my damn bill apparently.


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          Even though we’re in printing and work is a bash,
          it’s in God that we trust, all others pay cash.


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            Except for a very few customers that we trust to pay us (reliably pay invoices on time) we have all of our customers pay upfront - no exceptions. Yes, we know that people can renege on CC payments but it's only happened once in 2 years. I know it's unrealistic for most shops but we drastically reduced our billing and invoicing costs by requiring payment upfront and we've only had a few customers who've balked at upfront payments. We've been content to let those go.


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              Benjamin Franklin, in one of his less known pieces of writing, states that if you sell on credit you have given away one shilling in the pound.

              That's 5%. It's pretty much the same today.

              It's what makes credit cards SO useful, even if they're charging you 4%.

              If I had my own shop, I'd be strictly on tngcas's plan; that and cash-basis accounting (as opposed to accrual).

              I might never grow big, but I know exactly where I stand every day.


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