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  • Hi everyone!
    My name is Maricruz Manning. I am a studio manager at a pharmaceutical ad agency. I have a printing degree and worked at printers for 13 years and jumped to the "other side" about 10 years ago.
    I still have ink in my blood and joined to keep up with the print world and to continue learning.

    In my spare time I love to play with my dogs and work in the yard.


    • Hi,
      Just joined the site,so I figured I'd introduce myself.
      I am a pressman at Lake County Press Inc.,Waukegan Il.,been here 22 years,a head pressman for the last 16,or so. I previously was an auto mechanic,but a bad back put an end to that. I started here as a janitor to get my foot in the door,and found that my mechanical background and schooling helped me problem solve and understand the presses fairly well.
      I run a Heidelberg 105 XL 8 color w/coater,set up for full time UV printing. I have been running this press since it was installed 9 months ago,and it's my first experience running UV.
      I hope to learn a few things here,and maybe help a little when I can.
      When I have free time,I like to work on and occasionally race my 71' GTO. I also coach and enjoy watching my 6 kids in their non-stop sports.


      • Time to Introduce myself

        My name is Steve.
        I have been involved in some part of printing starting the 70's. Caught the bug from a very good Graphic Arts teacher.I have worked from floor to press and have landed in Pre Press(so much cleaner).
        I am now working for Cultech in Edison, NJ specializing in cosmetic packaging (lots of shinny stuff).
        I just started working for this company in August of this year. My main responsibility is to bring the pre press department into the digital age kicking and screaming all the way.
        I grew up on Sytex-Creo-Kodak and am now learning Rampage.

        I have used this site for answers to problems I have run into and will need to lean heavily more so now.

        Although not an artist. I have always felt that printing is an art, not just another job. I have real pride in seeing the jobs I have worked on printed.



        • Wow...reading this makes me feel like such a young pup. Yikes.....

          30 yrs old and 13 years experience is nothing compared to some of the changes a lot of you "old hands" have seen.


          • I've been absent from posting for about a year.

            The last year has been tough. Not because of the economy as much as the illness of my brother, Paul, with Esophageal Cancer. My brother and myself were supposed to take over the family business in 2007, but all that changed with his cancer and eventual death back in June, 2008.

            I love printing. But for the last year I lost some of the passion dealing with business without my brother. Now a few months removed from his death, I can feel that passion returning and although the business is very bad, I now have the energy and enthusiasm to begin growing the business and also providing this forum with my knowledge and even more important gleaning it for the knowledge of others who post. Should you want to see my original post in this thread you can see it on page 4.

            Finally, I am grateful for God and His Son, and my Savior, Jesus for helping me get through this tough time.
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            • Introduce Yourself.

              Been a printer for a long tme and we have shifted towards large format and engineering printing. We run Oces: TDS 800 and TDS 500 and CS-9090 which is 90 inches wide.

              Lately we are looking into reviving or offset department with the acquisition of a CTP system.

              Looking forward to interacting with our fellows in our trade to discuss issues related to our trade and other life pursuits.

              Work 5 days a week, but keeps weekends for myself and my family of 3 boys, and exotic fishes. Weekends means, no phones, no faxes. Emails accepted but will read them Sunday evening. Weekends are also family time for cooking and sharing the weeks experiences among us. Friends add meaning to events like these.

              Hello to everybody!
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              • Introduction

                My name is Stephen Abram and I have worked in the pre-press business for 19 years. I'm currently working for St Ives Direct as Pre-press operations manager and have been with the company for the last 15 years.

                We currently run Dalim twist & Apogee X workflows coupled with Epson pro stylus 8900 machines and a VLF trendsetter.

                I have a wife of 10 years and a son of 6.

                Outside of work I enjoy playing football and 'tinkering' in I-movie:


                • re: Introduce yourself

                  My name is Chuck Lapinsky and I live in San Diego, CA.

                  I have over thirty years of experience in pre press and spent the last 12 years as a sales and field tech for large format thermal and Roland inkjet printers.

                  I have started my own field tech service, so far focusing on Roland printers. I cover all of southern California by car and am available to travel throughout Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.


                  • Hello PrintPlanet!

                    Greetings from Austin, Texas!

                    Eric Welch here. And here. And sometimes here. I suppose I qualify as an "old warhorse" in the print industry, having been involved for 18+ years mostly on the graphic design end (my real passion is indie video production, but it doesn't pay the bills so well). Anyhow, I'm glad to have found this site and all the cool and talented folks associated with it.

                    See you 'round the Forums!
                    -Eric "Vashnyra" Welch
                    (You'll always find me in the middle of AmERICa)


                    • Hey All
                      My Name is Steve. I work for Ricoh as a Service Tech Team Leader. I started with Lanier who was later bought out by Ricoh, who now just bought out Ikon.
                      I am more than happy to answer any questions about troubleshooting or functionality of Ricoh (of Course that includes Lanier, Savin and Gestetner).
                      I enjoy my work with copiers and computers, and it also has become a hobby. Which is why I joined this forum. I am also interested in learning more about what people think of different machines. This way I can express those concerns to the engineers in my company.
                      Thanks for having me!


                      • Introduce Yourself

                        Hi everybody,
                        My name is Karine (maybe one of the rare woman in the industry!) and started working in Prepress 11 years ago, when I moved to the US. I'm originally from France were I used to be a freelancer illustrator and art teacher.
                        I never heard of Prepress until I started in the industry as a mere assistant on a night shift in a small retouching company with a small prepress department. I worked my way up to management and enjoy my job very much. I'm totally self taught and did learned the trade on the go.
                        I'm still working in the same company that I've started in, but now we have 80+ employes, the prepress department is a growing, and I have to keep up with the newest trend in the industry, while taking care of my newborn baby and my hard working husband.
                        I hope to learn a few thing, and share my own experience with the PP community.


                        • Greetings

                          Hello everyone Piney Bob here. Needless to say I hail from the New Jersey Pine Barrens and for the last 33 years I've been involved in putting ink and toner on paper.

                          From craft Positions to Suprevision to Sales, to Sales and Product Training I've done quite a bit.

                          Well versed in Color Management and the Feiry RIP including MicroPress.

                          Sold Facilities Management for Xerox

                          Directly involved in the Canon C7000 Product Launch as an instructor

                          Multiple Xerox Presidents Club winner

                          Road Warrior

                          There is more to tell but I prefer to let my work do the talking. I'm real pleased to be here.


                          • Greetings Everyone,
                            My name is Pete and I'm located in Connecticut and been a quickprinter since 1985.
                            Started with a franchise then went independent in '94.
                            Ran AB Dick presses and in the last few years been making the transition to digital.
                            I've done just about everything in quickprinting, from computer pre-press to press to shipping etc...
                            I'm single, no kids (not to my knowledge) and into computers (mostly macs), Harley's and target shooting.


                            • Hello,
                              My given name is Sheldon and i've been in the pressroom for 28 yrs. All of it on nights.
                              Currently running a LS640 with inline coater. Have run Heidi 2,6, and 8 colors. Started my career in the business forms industry and moved up the chain from there. I am 51 yrs old and have 3 grandchildren.
                              This has been a good income for me over the years and helped me raise 2 fine children. How the wife has put up with all the hour changes and company aquisitions is beyond me.


                              • Hello
                                My name is Paul. I have been in the Printing/Prepress business since 1984. I was an old school table stripper (you journeymen know what that is). I then moved onto the Scitex system than the Mac. My last five years as an employee I was a prepress manager. I am currnetly self employed working as a "somewhat" desktop designer. Since working for myself (six years now) I've had to learn Webdesign Digital photography computer building as well as maintainence. And did I mention Networking. I also do consulting. I haven't been in these forums for sometime now. I look foward to learning even more about this wonderful inustry we all call PrePress/Printing.


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