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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    {} Nice work. Very handy.
    OS: Mac OS X 10.10.2 - RIP: Prinergy Connect 6.1 - CTP: Luscher XPose! 160 (2)


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      Re: Introduce yourself!

      Hi gang,
      Nice to see alot of the PPF's . I'm Larry I like beer and long walks on the beach. I served with Patton in Nam. God I miss those days! Oh sorry off subject....


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        Re: Introduce yourself!

        Hi, I'm Tony.

        Also a former PPF'r. I've got about 25 years in the printing trade. Started in bindery, small presses, and you name it, mostly in prepress though. Experienced with sheet-fed, web-offset, screen printing, stamping and embossing dies. Currently a prepress supervisor in a heat-set web environment. Also love beer, Canadian beer, mmmm.


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          Re: Introduce yourself!

          Hi, I am Chris, a Production Manager in Nevada, MO. I started out as a 'Pressman' in a Commercial shop, in Marshfield, MO. (I know Mikie is frowning now!) and still am one. I been in the Newspaper and Commercial Printing for over 20 years. I really didn't branch off to prepress until about 8 years ago.

          We use an Harlequin v7.0 to RIP to two ECRM Imagesetters.

          I wear different pants in my place of work 1) Pressman 2) Computer +it+ 3) Safety Coordinator 4) trainer. 5) prepress consultant.

          I have been told that I am a work-a-holic, so management keeps telling me to take time off.

          Been married for 22 beautiful years to my wonderful wife and have three teanager Boys (Help!)



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            Re: Introduce yourself!


            I loved your site. I bookmarked at home and sent the link for work. Thanks



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              Re: Introduce yourself!

              My name is Chris and I'm from a little town called "None of You Damn Business".

              I've been in the prepress biz since 1998. Started out working at Kinko's while going to school for design. Then after graduation I worked at a small mom and pop printshop. I was there for about 8 years, got bored fixing Publisher and Pagemaker files from feebs. Quit that place and freelanced for awhile. After a while I got a gig at a larger commercial print shop. Work is easy, people are cool and there is always fresh coffee.

              I also teach graphic design/new media at a couple local colleges part time. I enjoy teaching. I've been doing that for 6 years. I've also dabbled with writing. I used to do product reviews for a Mac magazine, was a technical editor for a book on Adobe AfterEffects, and posted articles on various design websites.

              Been married to a wonderful woman for almost 10 years. 2 dogs, 2 horses, 2 chickens, 1 cat, 30 goldfish...NO KIDS!!!


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                Re: Introduce yourself!

                Great site Laurens-
                naturally I went straight away to the fun section! :-)


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                  Re: Introduce yourself!

                  So I guess it's my turn now. Hi, I'm Stephane Cyr (NOT Stephanie, Stephane translates to Stephen) and as you may have guessed, I'm not really colorblind. Started in this trade 14 years ago working for a prepress shop as a scannerman, then started to put my hands on Photoshop, film output, color management and in the last few years, discovered the sweet flavor of PDF. Prepress shops days being numbered, I was lucky enough to be offered to start a brand new prepress department at a major ad agency here in Montreal, Canada. So I'm the guy who turns fancy designs (I know one thing or two about transparency) into actually printable high resolution PDFs. I can also supply "real world" color proofs to the designers. I'm still at the bottom of the food chain in my environment but when I call at a publication that screwed-up my PDF, I'm the customer. When asking the good questions, it's always funny to feel the shock of someone who thought was talking to a clueless agency guy. Well, I'm still clueless in a way cause I learn everyday.
                  Anyways, I was addicted to PPF and I'm sure the same thing will happen with PP.
                  Mac Pro, Dual-Core Intel Xeon, Mac OS 10.4.10
                  Agfa ApogeeX 3.5 Create
                  Epson 9800, Latran Prediction 2230

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                  Better train people and risk they leave - than do nothing and risk they stay.


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                    Re: Introduce yourself!

                    Hi there.. I´m the real n00b around here, it seems. started in the biz just a few years ago, running two Docutech B&W printers in the print department of a big Commerce School in my city. quit that (i don´t mind carrying paper, but well, you know how it be seated is a good thing once in a while) for a pre-press job in the Carvajal group (Cargraphics was the actual company), working both film and CTP (actually i started there during the CTP implementation, and got a fancy for starting things from nowhere, as you will notice in a while). done that for 8 months, and them a few years freelancing as a not-so-good designer. then i got a chance, 5 months ago, at another school to set up a digital printing room inside an otherwise all off-set 2color printshop. spent 3 months doing that (and it´s running smooth, AFAIK). after it was working properly the school decided not to renew my contract as an intern, and so i had to find some other place to start putting things into it. Right now, that´s what i´m doing. Working again with educational material, setting up a digital print room to deal with supplemental demand of books, textbooks and booklets. I´ll be running 2 xerox digital presses, a Docutech 6117 and a DC5000. hope it turns out okay (still two weeks until i´m actually into them, since the room is still under construction).

                    outside the toner-snorting (just kidding...did that once and spent a whole week feeling bad), i spend most of my time online - talking to my girlfriend who now lives in portugal (any print shops needing a hand with digital print out there?? i´m all up to go to either Lisbon or Porto!!), studying a LOT, since i plan on graduating in my college next year (finishing a technology major-like course in Graphical Arts), but i´m also very much in love with photography. as a hobby, i may say i´m a RPG/CCG gamer (though it´s been a while since i last played for real). oh, and i´m 26....



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                      Re: Introduce yourself!

                      Hi this is isiink. I am an ink tech working in an inplant at a major printing company in the Mid-west. I have been in the business for 4 years. We service 11 printing presses. 2 conventional sheetfed. 3 non-heat presses. 2 uv web presses, and 4 heat set web presses.
                      Looking to learn a few things on this website and also help others with ink questions the best of my knowledge.
                      That about sums up isiink.


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                        Re: Introduce yourself!

                        Welcome isiink! You should hang out here:



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                          Re: Introduce yourself!

                          Hello, I am Pete. I am currently the Prepress Manager for a medium size catalog printer. I've been working prepress since I got in the business in 1993. I've done all the conventional stripping and platemaking stuff and got pretty good with a Carlson Sharp shooter. I started to get good with computers then started taking classes with QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Photoshop. Little did I know that the best kind of learning I would ever get was "On The Job." I must have made thousands of mistakes as I started working digital prepress, but every one of them taught me a new lesson or at least showed me some things I should never do again. I enjoy learning and I love to teach others about what I know. I have worked with PDF since I started doing digital prepress and have gotten very intimate with Enfocus Pitstop (My best Friend). Been working with AGFA's Apogee Series 1-3 and am currently upgrading to ApogeeX 4.0. I'm very good with Preps and have built hundreds of templates.

                          I am married with 2 daughters so I spend most of my time away from the job swimming in the "Estragon Ocean." I enjoy down-hill skiing, biking, playing drums and spending time with my family. I will miss PPF but have enjoyed seeing that a lot of you have migrated this way, cool. B-)
                          I look forward to being part of the prepress discussions and all other topics.


                          Pete Shovels <PETER-S>


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                            Re: Introduce yourself!


                            My name is Zoran Jovanovic.
                            I've been long time member on both PPF and Printplanet.
                            Last 10 years I am in commercial printing on a prepress side, before that I was "stupid designer"
                            I live and work in Ottawa, Canada as a Prepress Team Leader in commercial printing company.
                            Happy to be here and contribute as much as I can.


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                              Re: Introduce yourself!


                              I'm pmkprog (Pete).

                              I have enjoyed the info on PPF for some time now.
                              I'm about to switch companies to a place closer to home.

                              I started right out of high school in 1989 and was placed on a light table as a stripper for a prepress company. About 94-95 I started on Macs processing images for the company I was working with. In 97 they closed the shop I was at. At that time I was running a small Mac network with a Agfa Selectset 7000. I moved to a different prepress company with a Scitex workflow where they were using Assemblers and PS2s when I started. They were using Brisque when I left in 04. I'm just now leaving a printer where I'm in the prepress department. They have a Brisque workflow. Where I'm moving to has Trueflow. I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I'm sure as I need to learn things I'll be posting a lot as I did on PPF. This is a great community and resource we have.

                              I have a small Mac network at home made from a lot of free items that I have compiled over the years. I have a wife(who doesn't understand any of this stuff), two daughters, a large dog and now 10 outside cats(wife and I are both alllergic). We live in the country. Hopefully this change in jobs will allow me more time to fish. I'm also work part time for a large format printer and do some designing on the side.

                              I only need about five hours of sleep a night...


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                                Re: Introduce yourself!

                                good morning. my name is chris, and i am a prepress specialist from Dixon, IL. i started in printing in 1988, as a jogger at the end of a 6-unit harris web press. i eventually became a rolltender, and actually had started setting color on press when the call came to make a move to prepress. once in prepress, i started in proofing, making dylux books and color keys, as well as cromalins and matchprints. after doing that for a year, i moved into film stripping. my time stripping film was absolutely where i learned the most about printing, and i loved doing it. i did this for a couple years, and around '93 or so my company at the time went digital, and was looking for volunteers, so i took a stab at it. we had little more than a couple old quadras (which were rolls royces at the time) and an agfa selectset 7000 for film. needless to say, electronic prepress took off, and i have been working at it and learning ever since. i have been at my current company for not quite a year, but we have implemented a new Prinergy prepress workflow, and that has been very exciting to be a part of.

                                i was a member of PPF since 2005, and benefitted greatly from the knowledge being thrown around there. i confess i probably pulled more from PPF than i gave back, but i like to think i helped a few people. i hope that i can bring something to the table here, and help out.

                                i live in Dixon with my wife and 2 kids. when i am not working i can be found on the couch with a beer in my hand. for exercise i get up from the couch and walk to the refrigerator for another, then walk back. sometimes, if my energy level allows for it, i may do this several times. if i had a hard day from work and i am tired, i ask one of my kids to do it for me. i LOVE having kids.

                                look forward to meeting you all.



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