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  • Hello! I'm Abel. I'm just working on my own little printing couch. And I'm looking forward to hear from you guys sometimes...


    • Khalib

      While you fella's are minding the presses I do the costing and that (hopefully) result in profits. Financial Analyst working in South Africa.


      • Looking for a small Perfect binder. (advice)

        Hello from San Diego,

        I have a question regarding a perfect binder, (needs to be small and versatile). I have frequent request for small book orders to bind between 20 and 100 books. Usually these request are from writers who write a book for limited distribution. Family history, etc. If I bind them by hand it will be to expensive. This is why I am looking for advice for all the experts here. I assume I also have to be able to print? Different subject.
        Question; If the client prints the books, local print shop, there own computer, etc, what would you recommended as a perfect binding machine to do these small jobs? Also the cover would be an different job? different paper stock,? Color etc. Would it be possible that the client makes the printed pages, and the covers, on there own computer, and I perfect bind them together?
        Or is this way to complicated?
        And if you have a price range I would be looking at would be helpful.
        I am open to any advice you can give me. I understand that with a perfect binder comes a lot more to know, but all things are learn able right? This will be a learning experience for me, but am willing to learn and see if this is something i can offer to my clients. I am not looking for the perfect machine, time flow etc, I am looking for a machine that would be reliable, easy to fix, clean, maintain, easy to operate. and easy to learn. And in the long run will pay for itself. if in today's industry, that is still possible.
        Hope to hear from you.
        San Diego Book Binding
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        • Thermal and violet ctp specialist

          I am RJ who has been working on thermal for the last 12 years. I presently have been working on a the new violet technolgy. The new process less keep me thinking about a lot of new problems
          Trust this forum will throw in a lot of confusions.


          • im new and im excited in here!!!
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            • Contradicting your self!!


              • introduce

                I am Dutch, so forgive my bad English (it’s not my mother’s language!)
                After a decade of travelling around the world and not working with prepress and computer designing, it was time for some serious work.
                Since a few months I am working with a Agfa accuset 1000 but…
                Never before I encounter so many problems.
                So, in a nutshell, that’s why I am here.


                • Greetings all
                  First timer here.
                  At work I run a 6 color Komori, but sometimes it runs me.
                  At home I spend my time restoring an old 4runner and lots of home and yard projects.
                  Sunday is Church.
                  Me in a nutshell.


                  • I am Magdy Abd El Kader, I am from Egypt, I am working as a lecturer in the printing, publishing and packaging Dep. in the faculty of applied arts. I have an experience in the prepress and press fields in the all printing systems (Offset, Gravure, Flexography and Silk Screen).
                    Me in a nutshell.


                    • hello everyone

                      im keio nice to know you all..
                      now my bussines is field at digital printing, actualy a printing large format at one of country at south east asia
                      i hope i can learn from you all

                      Big Regards


                      • For fear of being 'slain'.....

                        Hey everyone,

                        I am a salesperson. Duck, duck, slide, move. Avoided most of those haymakers. I offer a PDF to Flip Book solution.

                        Since it appears as though there is an occasional request for such a product I thought it would not hurt to let you know that we do exist. If you wanna take a couple minutes to discuss our solution....send me an email or give me a call.

                        Sean McKenna
                        Flip Page Publishing, Ltd.
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                        • Hey Its Sabarish.
                          Earlier had the user name sabarish.ramanunni.


                          • Hi, I'm kat. Presently unemployed, but desperately looking for another. Plant closed down on us last November (2010). Female of undisclosed age (old fart) in a mostly male oriented industry. Worked in commercial print for 18 years (not my first career) - heat set web offset print. We had sheetfed and reel offset presses. Started off in film, cameras, stripping, and ended up in as a mac op/work flow CTP operator, training other mac ops in Preps and workshop.. Work with Prinergy Preps. Lots of variety of saddle stitched and perfect bound publications. Also junk commercial stuff amongst others. Love the industry; do not care what I do inside of it. Currently missing the people, climbing the gantries, and balancing over the catwalks. Over the ditch here web offset print gone mostly to small sheetfed digital print shop. Big web offset plants like mine was are dying rapidly. Love the production side, winding up the printers and teasing the bindery mechanics.
                            I need another fix

                            Thinking of going into the training side of the industry.
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                            • RS here. Started in typography in 82 (Itek, compugraphic); then onto mac and PageMaker and then Quark. About 10 years on prepress and 5 years at ad agencies. Started my own design studio in 1997. Moved into InDesign at 1.5 and never looked back. Quark shot themselves with horrendous customer service. Added in printing when someone walked in and said I'm looking for a printer, do you print. Why yes I do. We do digital onsite with a KM 6500. Had a press for about a year. Broker out everything. The majority of my friends and small vendors retired or closed the past two years. Tough stuff. To boot, my wife is a Catholic school teacher. So it's not if, it's when. Design and VDP are steady. Offset is waaaay down. But we're hanging in.

                              Noticed trackbacks. What are they?


                              • what do you mean - "trackbacks"?

                                All your terminology is different to mine.

                                Started life in Marketing, then into office PA and management in electronics (games in those days - space chaser, battlezone) testing boards with an oscilloscope. Cracked a black and white television to colour (god that gives the game away) for the sheer hell of it. Then into Sales in an engineering company making nose landing gear and nose gear for aircraft (ie Boeing and Harriers etc). This was followed by various other sorties into the unknown world until I came to print in the beginning of the 90's. Couldn't leave... they scored another inmate. Not sure what I will do if I can't get back in.
                                Thinking of design, but unless you are going into business for yourself (and I don't have enough to back me until I get there if I do that) nobody here seems to want to give anybody my age a chance.

                                I and the old man will probably leave this end of the world and head back to Europe. More opportunities there. I hope.


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                                Zero Setup Time:
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