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  • I'm Kev,
    Work in an inplant (rare these days it seems), running a four colour GTO52 circa 1983, been printing since i left school in 1985

    ps..i have a question about next step for our department..i.e digital/litho and not sure where to post it up?????


    • Hi everyone,

      This is Chris here

      Love printing and designing.


      • Hello! Chris. I am JimBob have been working in printing and design for 40 years... Boy! has it changed!


        • Originally posted by JimBob53 View Post
          Hello! Chris. I am JimBob have been working in printing and design for 40 years... Boy! has it changed!
          Hi JimBob, nice to see an experienced person (working in the field for 40 years) like you here


          • Hi All,

            This is Charles Nguyen. I own a small quick print shop in Santa Ana, CA. Lately (actually several years now, right guy?) business has been slow so I started an online website to provide miscellaneous online services to small printers such as myself.

            I'm also on Google Plus. If you want to connect, here's my page:




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              • Hello to all.. New member here....

                Hello all. I am an IT Administrator and have been into the Large format print industry for years. My main occupation is in the computer networking industry. I have owned a Roland CJ 500 for about 10 years. I have used it 10% of the time to make money and 90% of the time as a hobby. I have created free prints for charities , schools and family members. I started working on computers when I was 12 and never stopped. I hope to make some friends here and help people with computer or networking problems. I am also a Data recovery expert. (sorry PC only.. ) I hope to get a little help with my CJ 500 because I miss printing..
                John M.
                Computer Network & Data Recovery


                • My name is Kris. Our company Digital Print One Printing NYC | Postcard Printing NYC | Rush Printing NYC

                  We are a small digital shop that has a Koinca C6501, DTG printer and poster printing on our Canon IPF8300.


                  • The name's Robert. I work for net communities a UK based marketing and digital print company which is beginning to make inroads into traditional print operations. I'm here to absorb knowledge from this clearly knowledgeable community.


                    • Hello, buddies, this is Baker here from UNICO Packing, a professional and experienced company to manufacture kinds of corrugated box, cardboard box, paper bags, etc. In one word, print and package project could be finished in our company. Personally, i have been in this business area for years. Hope we will have a chance to know you more. You can refer to our web.

                      Regards, Baker


                      • A very fast reply.

                        I am a printing estimator for two branches of a printer in Tucson, AZ, USA. One is a trade shop, one is direct-to-customer.

                        This arrangement truly keeps my mind very agile and my ethics always under self-scrutiny - the world is indeed round and you must be fair to survive.

                        I've been in the business for 45 years, starting on Multiliths, Miehles, and Ludlows and now estimating work on 40" 6 color offset. I *LOVE* this stuff.


                        • Hello everyone.

                          We are new to this forum and I wanted to say hello.


                          • Hello, all!

                            I'm prepress manager and senior designer for a small commercial printer amidst the cornfields of Indiana. We have three locations, each separated by about 60 miles, with small format presses in two locations and printing of our large flats in one shop with a Speedmaster SM74 and an aged Miller TP29S.

                            We get everything from agency work to Microsoft and Print Publisher files thrown our way, and our job is to make them all look good when they go out to our customers.

                            We use a Nexus rip with concentric screening on a Screen/Fuji platesetter, and try to maintain a high degree of print quality and consistency in spite of the fluctuations and disruptions in our supply line from time-to-time. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with current software to meet our clients' needs in an unpredictable economy (when it's good, it's really good... when it's bad, it's really bad).

                            Newspapering put the ink in my blood, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Having been around since before the birth of digital technology, I am constantly amazed at how often new technology is less productive than the way it used to be done.

                            I think there should be a ban on anyone referring to a service or product as a "solution," and think Comic Sans should be regarded as a computer virus.

                            Outside of work, I'm a singer/songwriter of country, country gospel and praise music, and worship leader for a United Methodist church. Father of three, youngest of five, older than I want to be.

                            Thankful for PrintPlanet forums.


                            • Hi All,

                              I'm relatively new to Print Planet. With my little time here I can see it's a well run site with some good members.

                              I'm 44 years old and made a leap out of prepress about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I started in the printing trade when I was 17 years old as a feeder on a 28" 2/C sheetfed press. After about 6 months I moved into the prepress department as a platemaker. I worked my way up over the years from a plater to a lithostripper to a desktop publishing professional. I never got into a specialized sector (color, layout, ect...) and I think it helped me out tremendously. I worked on something different everyday. The last company I worked for before making the leap to sales had Barco, Scitex, and Artpro workflows and I worked on all of them and enjoyed it. With all the technology that company had my favorite machine was the Barco Gigastter. Something about watching a machine plot a 64"x96" piece of film in one shot.

                              I do miss the prepress days and relived some of those days reading through some of the treads on Print Planet, Thanks all. I now work for a small company that specializes in digital B/W and color printers (toner based and inkjet). We sell everything from IBM Infoprint 4100 B&W work horses to small cut sheet B&W printers.

                              I look forward to talking to the members on this website and broaden my knowledge on digital printing. I believe the print industry is a ever evolving market and you can learn something new everyday.


                              • Welcome! Mark MN!

                                I also have many years in prepress. I started in a paste up room and camera room and moved up with the technologies. I started out working in the camera room of a small publishing company, worked in Wal Mart's home office print shop, two different newspapers and now with a small family owned job shop. Working all areas from sales, design to press and binding. This year I have celebrated 40 years in printing.
                                I enjoy reading this blog.



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                                Zero Setup Time:
                                Myth Or Reality?

                                As the twenty-first century opened, Koenig & Bauer had already anticipated the need for the coexistence of conventional and digital printing, and had begun to develop the technology that is today empowering offset printers to meet those challenges.

                                Read the Article.

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