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HI DEV DVD on the way out?

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  • HI DEV DVD on the way out?

    Walmart is selling HI-DEV DVDs for less than standard DVD's. For instance Harry Potter HI-DEV was 3 dollars less than the standard. There were over 30 Hi Dev titles that cost less than the standard DVD. Two months ago the HI-DEV were twice the price of the standard DVD. Any body else notice this?

    Pat Berger

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    Re: HI DEV DVD on the way out?

    the battle between HD DVD and Blu Ray is still going on. It seems like they are each cutting prices to get a bigger piece of the market. I'm waiting until a single player shakes out or the dual players drop in price.


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      Re: HI DEV DVD on the way out?

      ive been tempted to get a paystation due to the fact it includes a blu-ray dvd player, but im not ready to take the plunge yet. each has its own stable of movie studios behind them, but blu-ray has disney behind them, and we all know walt disney is still alive and rules the world. i have a feeling blu-ray wins this battle in the long run.



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        Re: HI DEV DVD on the way out?

        I agree that blu-ray will most likely win out.

        However, I think the future is neither blu-ray or HD-DVD. We will just be downloading HD movies. Much easier. With h.264 and x.264 codecs files sizes are pretty reasonable for HD movies.

        BTW Pat it is High Def (HD-DVD) not High Dev.


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          Re: HI DEV DVD on the way out?

          just saw this show up today


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