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Craft Beer Fans Unite!

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  • Craft Beer Fans Unite!

    OK, so Earendil inspired me with his ArrogantBastard reference. Any craft beer fans out there? What is your favorite? How about brewers? Anyone make the stuff?

    I've been drinking craft beer and converting everyone around me for years now. I've also done some brewing, first from extract, and then all grain. Never quite mastered all grain and don't brew very much at all anymore. Very much considered a "beer snob" in my neighborhood. Quite often turn down yellow fizzy beers. Have been known to water my plants with them though.

    Absolute favorite is Stone ArrogantBastard. I'll drink about any craft brew (and especially love traveling and drinking local stuff). We used to get some great beers from [Capital Brewing|] out of Middleton, WI. They stopped carrying it though. They have a great brewer and lineup of beers. Got to go to a talk/tasting one time which was excellent. Brooklyn Brewery does some good stuff.

    In Ohio, we have this place Winking Lizard that has by far the best beer selection and does an annual [World Beer Tour|] . I completed it in '05 (100 beers) and got the jacket. Haven't had time since to do one.


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    Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

    not shure what you meen by craft beers

    i take it that itis the smae as our 'real ales'

    well heres on i like

    skullsplitter from orkney

    5 pints and the wobbly legs start etc

    i used to make my home brew but dont have the patience or time etc

    maybe when i settle down again


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      Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

      I think we call them "Micro-brews" around here. Though it's not technically a micro-brew, I'm very partial to Newcastle Brown Ale. Shiner Bock. I travel a LOT, so I'm always looking for regional brews. Honkers in Chicago. Sorry, that's "Honkas". (Goose Island).

      I always check a couple of sites when I hit the road: and .


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        Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

        Yah. Definition of craft brewing differs probably. I'm speaking of stuff not mass produced and normally not bought in quantities of 24 or more. Here is a definition that probably fits with what I was aiming at:

        That'd be different from what you call Real Ale, but not by much. I think the Real Ale campaign now considers bottle conditioned stuff "Real Ale". Not all craft stuff is bottle conditioned. Mainly, I'm talking smaller production beers that follow the Reinheitsgebot closer than some rice here in the states.

        Skullsplitter was actually on that World Beer Tour back in '05. Very hearty stuff as I remember.


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          Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

          Ya, microbrews. I've never been a bit Newcastle fan. Shiner Bock is good stuff. Got to have some "locally" down in Texas earlier in the year. I forgot to mention the Dogfish Head beers. 90 Minute IPA is a favorite. Huge hop head and most any decent IPA will do. Looking forward to some Goose Island at GE. ;-)


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            Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

            I was born and raised in Texas, so I'm always partial to Shiner Bock. I come from a large family, all boys, so my Dad's idea of a vacation was to take us all to Colorado and let us run wild for 2 weeks. So I have a shameful, nostalgic fondness for regular Coors. I know, I know.


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              Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

              Big craft beer & microbrew fan here.
              Some favorites I can think of at the moment:

              * Anything produced by Lagunitas, but particularly the IPAs
              * New Belgium Trippel
              * The aforementioned AB and others made by Stone Brewing
              * Basically any beer that doesn't run advertisements with beautiful white people having fun or hot chicks bending over
              * Almost any darker beer with ABV 6 or higher

              However, I will confess to occasionally drinking Tecate (with lime, and yes, in a can) in great quantities on those hot days when I'm outside digging trenches and shoveling piles of rocks.

              I have also homebrewed about eight batches, all different and all successful. Hoping to get back into homebrewing again soon.


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                Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                ...still seething in jealousy over Lagunitas. Hope to get to try that one day. If I drink Mexican, my choice is Pacifico. Anyone ever have some of the Sam Adams Triple Bocks? I have two unopened ('94 and '97 I think).


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                  Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                  LOL. Coors is actually the only nasty beer I'll ever drink. Rarely. When caught in a heat wave miles from home without transportation and there just happens to be a cooler of it. ;-)


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                    Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                    ah micro brews

                    we have them too but just how small does it have to be to be called a micro brew

                    some of the brewries in scotland would be classed as a small brewery but maybe not micro


                    what i would call a micro brew is what the pub round the corner from me here in london is doing

                    THe Florence 133 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London, SE24 0NG

                    Weasel bitter i think it is called - still to try it

                    a bar with a micro brew on the premises

                    all i can say more beer the better hic!


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                      Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                      What, you camp at Moab, too? (Heat wave, miles from anywhere, cooler of Coors.)


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                        Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                        Heh. It was a hypothetical, but that works...


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                          Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                          all you beer lovers, check out the movie "Beer Fest"...its in rotation on HBO lately.

                          • important note
                          i am NOT claiming it is best picture material, but it is funny as hell, and it seems to fit the charecter of this thread.


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                            Re: Craft Beer Fans Unite!

                            yup, i love me some home-made craft beers. if your ever in the gulf coast of texas check out St. Arnolds.



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