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  • FTP sites

    I need to check into a new FTP company.
    I'm looking for one we can just punch in the address on any browser and put in the use and pass. without needed any plug in or extra sofrware like Fetch.
    Any suggestion?

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    Re: FTP sites

    Are you talking about server side or client side? FTP is pretty simple depending on how complex you choose to implement it. And there aren't a lot of options to make it complex...
    Matt Beals
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      Re: FTP sites

      We're a printer and want to give our clients easy access to an FTP site, which we would like eventually have it linked to our website.
      Without downloading anything to access it. like .mac has. and some of the others.
      I don't understand it enough. I was assuming you go through a company with storage capabilities.


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        Re: FTP sites

        Have you considered Just a thought.



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          Re: FTP sites

          Yes, we use that as a backup.
          We just want to make it nice and easy and professional.
          but thanks


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            Re: FTP sites

            I use Rumpus Pro from Maxum and absolutely love it. I have over 50 customers that login in daily and upload files. Lots of great preferences with it too. One thing I love about it (other packages might offer this too,) you can set up "event notices" that automatically emails everyone you want when a file has been uploaded or downloaded. That way you know exactly when a file arrives on your ftp site and who its from. I bought one of those new little iMacs for it that runs 24hrs a day 7 days a week. I've been using it well over 2 years now with no issues. I take that back, I did have one issue where a customer forgot their password and kept trying different passwords to log on. Rumpus automatically blocked that ip thinking it was a hacker. You can change preferences to allow how many times users can try to log on before it blocks them. It allows uploads/downloads via ftp software or directly on your customers browser via the web.




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              Re: FTP sites

              I have 2 Rumpus FTP servers running on Minis each is using different ISP. I love rumpus configuration power and reliability.


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                Re: FTP sites

                Rumpus here also, running for the last 4 years without a problem.


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