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biometric thumb scan time clock?

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  • biometric thumb scan time clock?

    I know it is nothing to do with prepress but this is the place when most people hang out and I need this for prepress company...

    Anyway, I am looking to replace our old paper time punch card clock with something that saves the planet and does not use paper or plastic. I am thinking about biometric thumb reader time clock.

    Does anyone in prepress is using something like that? I really need something that integrates with ADP system or similar and has options for a different rates for standard, overtime and double time.

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    Re: biometric thumb scan time clock?

    Double time - sign me up! Haven't had that option since 1999


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      Re: biometric thumb scan time clock?

      We have also a triple time if some would come to work on national holidays like 4th of July or Xmas Day but that's rare.


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        Re: biometric thumb scan time clock?

        Not to hijack your thread, but that is amazing.
        I used to get double time for Sunday or anything over 60. Four weeks of 110 hours each put a brand new deck on my house.
        Couple that with the fact that the lady running HR would allow you to put in a new W2 those weeks claiming a gazillion deductions and, well,
        those were the days. Ooops, maybe that is why they are now gone.....
        Either way, hope you get your thumb scan thing.


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          Re: biometric thumb scan time clock?

          this works pretty simply for us - unsure of adp support


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            Re: biometric thumb scan time clock?

            Hectrix do one it cost us the equivalent of $1400 US. but saved us 1000's more in late penalties and early leavers - and we're only a 9 man shop. Easy to use, works in a web browser, you can access from the net or lan, it can be hooked up to door release switches and ip webcams.

            Here's the link...


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            Presswise Article


            Automated Order Status Tracking
            In PressWise Workflow Solution

            Presswise order status
            Quick overview of the order status tracking feature on PressWise’s automated workflow solution

            Link to Video

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