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  • What would you offer?

    Im new here so I definitely need to roam around and chit chat and get to know everyone.. I have a question and if everyone could chime in I would appreciate it..Im trying to gather some knowledge from pre-press departments around..

    Heres scenario:

    Assume you were manager of your pre-press department and had your employees to take care of ( some of you may already be in this position lmao)
    You have an employee who has worked for you for 5 years, has never asked for a raise in his 5 years at the shop, shows up for work everyday even if he's sick. Rarely takes sick days off nor vacation time, is the second of a two person ONLY pre-press department that powers a company pulling in 2-4 million in revenue yearly. Will work saturdays or sundays if asked to, and doesnt even have a set hour schedule comes in at 7am and leaves when he gets told to leave whether it be a 10 hour day (standard) or a 18 hour day to get a hot rush job done... This employee has design responsibility's, can preflight jobs has knowledge in all adobe programs and can work through them at ease, font management, preps, assembles proofs, equipment upkeep and maintenence, makes plates for presses, does large output work for the company and is in charge of ordering for pre-press and and other items the shop needs... This employee isnt perfect has made common mistakes but has never cost the shop any REAL money.. Employee does have a degree in graphic design as well..

    If they asked for a raise after all this and is currently making 20 US Dollars an hour, what would be an adequate raise for this employee in todays economy with their experience and skill.?

    I just cant figure this out..Views? Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: What would you offer?

    Just imagine that you would not have this guy around and you would look for someone with all his skills and attitude on the market. I suspect no one would show up for 20 dollars an hour. A good way to analyze this is by comparing every other employee's value and see how this one fits in. No one should be treated in an untypical manner. If the fellow never asked for a raise, maybe he picked up some loose compared to his co-workers. If he suddenly asks or insists for more dough, maybe some personal issue is involved (new-born, need a new car, moving etc.) Talk with the guy. Hardworking and dedicated people are a valuable asset for your company. A good negociated agreement is the best way to go.
    I hope I helped you a bit.
    Luc St-Pierre
    Prepress manager.


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      Re: What would you offer?

      You need to look at the market you are in within your region and see what the payscale is. A long term valuable employee is worth more the base rate you are suggesting if in fact he is a multi tasker and has a mindset to get the job done for the company. As far as mistakes, we are all human. I agree that something has stirred this employee up as to asking about an increase but look at how much everything has gone up in price. If your market only bears 16.00 for a top notch prepress operator then you can stand firm on his payscale and just be open and honest about it with this employee. On the other hand, if he has been shortchanged over the years and he is worth more than he is currently getting compensated then just a sure as the sun will rise tomorrow he will seek employment elsewhere to get his own personal satisfaction. But the flip side is people sometimes do not know how good of a position they are in and they think the grass is greener on the other side. Well, that grass has to get cut too. Just research and communicate, and be fair. That is what employees really want out of thier jobs.

      John Weaver


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        Re: What would you offer?

        It sounds like this is a person who has been taken advantage of by his employer. Why does a good employee have to ask for a raise? Good companies recognize and reward good employees. I would give him enough of a raise to make up for the 5 years of neglect.


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          Re: What would you offer?

          my company would give him a 3-5% raise.
          so a 5% raise on 20 would make you 21.

          WooHoo! big money now.

          sad but true.


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            Re: What would you offer?

            Know of any? Good companies like that I mean, because more & more - if you don't ask, beg & threaten there's an amazing shortage of money these days. We just had our Review Forms sent around, and when I asked if these would be used to evaluate raises, the answer was "Oh no, those talks aren't done until Summer. We keep the 2 processes separate." Huh??

            So, now actual Performance & Compensation aren't even related? Great incentive to improve ourselves!

            Sorry to drag the post slightly OT, give the guy whatever you feel is right for his years of excellent service. Then add 10% on top.


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              Re: What would you offer?


              The real problem with this is the five year period with no raise (your lucky this person hasn't left). Was there a reason you had not given this person any raise or was there anything that offset this. E.G. Company wage freeze, evaluation periods, 401k match increase, Health Benefits, other perks? Does this employee benefit a lot of OT? If not I would have to say someone was neglected and there is some making up to do. Since the person has asked they obviously are interested in sticking around and that should tell you something. I would try to scope this person out a little otherwise this sounds like a dedicated employee who wears many hats and makes few mistakes and if you really need this person give them a 10%/$2000 raise and guarantee them an annual increase from then on out. Hope this helps and good luck.



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                Re: What would you offer?

                You also need to look at the benefits that the employee gets.
                How much does he contribute to his medical out of paycheck?
                what percentage does the company offer towards his 401K?
                Profit sharing?


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                  Re: What would you offer?

                  Hi Andrew and everyone

                  I'm new mem and want to go around to say hello to all.

                  Your topic interests me, my offer to the employee is gathering experience and expertise, then go out to set up his pwn business, so he can take full advantage of his craftsmanship and making money...


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                    Re: What would you offer?

                    What is it with printing companies and their pathetic business practices. They want to come across like a fortune 500 company to their customers, but still want that "big happy family" feel with their employees. Trouble is, we all know what happens when you mix family and money... somebody's gonna get screwed.

                    Meanwhile, you hear about how times are tough and margins are tight, while the owner flies his private plane to Pebble Beach to play 36 holes of golf.

                    You don't wait for raises to come to you in printing, you make it happen. Tell the owner a competitor called and wants to hire you. Spread rumors that other companies are pursuing you. Whatever it takes.

                    It's a totally thankless profession with little, or no benefits, no ladder to climb and no pension waiting for you at the bitter end, so you'd better become you're own agent and negotiate a new employment contract... today!

                    God, I need a vacation.


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                      Re: What would you offer?

                      > {quote:title=LoweringTheBar wrote:}{quote}
                      > God, I need a vacation.

                      Sure sounds like it! or a new Job


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