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    Anyone have a favorite podcast they listen to?

    the only 2 that I download weekly are Smodcast and The Awful Show

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    Re: Podcasts

    This American Life (The wife's an NPR fan, turned me onto it)

    MobuzzTV, video cast - if they can get a new host anyway. It's kind of floundering right now.

    The Onion - 'nuff said!

    I don't have much downtime to listen to lengthy shows. 12 minute commute and maybe 20 minutes on a treadmill a few days a week doesn't give much opportunity for them.


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      Re: Podcasts

      I listen to the folowing when I can, they are backing up on iTunes right now. I try to walk every day but projects are keeping me busy around the house.
      TWIT - This week in Tech with Leo Laporte
      The Tech Guy , also with Leo laporte
      The Daily Giz Wiz
      Cranky Geeks
      NPR Car Talk


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        Re: Podcasts

        The Onion Podcast is great! Another one I will pickup is the Presidents Weekly radio address spoof.

        Showtime recently picked up This American Life as a TV show. The first season was only 6 episodes, looks like they have picked it up for a second season also


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