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    Originally posted by gordo View Post

    Don't dismiss tape so quickly, a new cassette shop has just opened its doors in Toronto the Good:
    Very interesting. I don't see it becoming anything more than a niche/fad market though. I can't see it attracting serious audiophiles. Quite a few years ago I was in a shop in Vancouver. The guys there were on this 8 track kick. Was pretty much all they played. 8 tracks had been dead for years by then. I had almost forgotten how annoying it could be when songs stopped mid way through to change tracks. These guys were scouring yard sales. High on their play list were 8 tracks by Kiss. I guess that says it all.


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      Aa....ctually... Tape is making a comeback too, at least cassettes seem to be.


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        Medieval bird cage. I know this is most likely wrong, but sometimes one has to entertain.



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          I wonder what these things are.


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            Our world needs RETRO fitting.

            Happy New Year to All!

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