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    ...when you don't know any of the songs your son is playing on the car stereo


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      Originally posted by dabob View Post
      when you can remember opening the new tube of rubylith and enjoying the smell . . . .
      When I was a kid, I would open the tube of rubylith and smell it. Maybe that's what's wrong with me now......

      When I started running a press we had color keys where you could overlay the colors on your printed sheet, since we ran 4-color work 1-color at a time. That way it wasn't too surprising what you would end up with.

      I remember getting our first Linotronic back in '89, and my parents went to see a demonstration of Quark. My mom, who was our typesetter, was so amazed by it. She had been doing typesetting on our Itek Quadritek, where you could only see one line at a time, and each font was on a plastic card. We still have it in back, wrapped in plastic.

      We also have a couple of Linotypes upstairs, but we haven't used them for about 6 years. Before that we had a single customer who would come in weekly and get some lead slugs for a machine he used to stamp dates on a product.

      I am only 42, so not THAT old.
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        Originally posted by Alois Senefelder View Post
        Hello Slammer,

        I'm not that Old !!!!!!! ..........

        Beautilful city Augsburg, I spent sometime at M A N during the late 1980's - fabulous Beer as well

        Regards, Alois
        You would hardly recognise the place now that it has become more or less a suburban sleep town of Munich, the railway is now four track and the S-Bahn goes from Munich to Augsburg, also the town is getting a U-Bahn system. The Beer is still great though.


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          Originally posted by dabob View Post
          If you can remember hand developing a 3M "R" plate with the red lacquer . . . Oh it smelled so good . . . .
          loved the smell of the red lacquer. Also remember how important it was to know when to stop developing the plate. One too many figure 8 wipes with the sponge would start wiping the image off.


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            my first home computer was a Commodore 64. Ask anyone under the age of 35 if they remember pay phones.


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              You know you're old when you wonder why a 23-year-old would want a job in prepress!
              Dan Curry
              Prinergy 6 • Preps 7 • SmartStream Designer


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                ...the first version of Adobe Illustrator you learned to used is considerably older than that 23-year-old, Illustrator 88.


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                  Talking about being OLD in printing Industry, I was walking to McCormick place in 1980 when traffic was jammed to road leading to the printing expo - so we got out of Bus and started walking on that chilly morning - few blocks walk and I saw RRDONNELY Building and on the ledge were lined-up quite many pigeons and I figured them to printers in their last life! Now that's really really OLD>>


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                    When you walk into a customers shop and they have a Diacomp, a Staromat and a Diatype in a little museum and you think: "Hey I know how to use that stuff!"


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                      I began working in Prepress before we had employee numbers. :-)


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                        Originally posted by keith1 View Post
                        Yep. The old horizontal cameras. And the darkroom that stank from the chemicals. Tray developed for a long time, then eventually got a film processor.
                        Or tell the 23-old You've just upgraded from a LocalTalk based network with speeds approx 33 kilobytes p/s to 10Gb/s ;>


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                          When surfing the web, meant using Gopher, Telnet, and newsgroups. You had to know how to type, and to see a photo, meant downloading a compressed file. Seeing a photo on the screen while surfing...that will never happen. Why would you want that, it makes things way too slow. Let's not forget Ragemaker (Pagemaker) 4.0 on a huge 9" SE/30 green screen, designing 11"x17" full color flyers. Ahhhh, the good ol' days.


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                            Any one else use Cricket Draw and Ready Set Go? How about Set and Send?
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                              Ever here of Dr. Halo????
                              "If you think you are too small to be effective
                              you have never been in the dark with a mosquito."


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                                Hello dabob,

                                My "Halo" slipped sometime ago !!!!!!!!!

                                Regards, Alois


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