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  • No Respect

    Those of you who know me, know that I am an FSU fan. That's because my daughter went to Florida State.

    I am also a University of Central Florida fan, well, because it's our hometown college here in Orlando, as well as my other daughter went to UCF.

    There are 130 FBS college football programs across the country. Out of those 130, as of this writing, only 5 remain undefeated:

    University Of Miami "The U"
    University of Central Florida.

    Yet, they are still ranked 18th behind many 1 and 2 loss teams. I wonder why that is?

    You would think that out of 130 teams, many had easy schedules, hard schedules, medium schedules, etc. I guess the implication is UCF doesn't play a hard enough schedule to be ranked higher. But, not only did they play other ranked teams, some with winning records, they defeated them handily. UCF has the highest scoring offense of any other college team in the nation (including Alabama, Georgia, and Miami). I know they don't belong in the top 4 playoff positions, but, 18th? 18th? Really?


    Against FIU--------------------------- Win 61 - 17
    Against Maryland-------------------- Win 38 - 10
    Against #20 ranked Memphis------ Win 40 - 13
    Against Cincinatti---------------------Win 57 - 23
    Against East Carolina---------------- Win 63 - 21
    Against a 5-2 Navy------------------- Win 31 - 21
    Against Austin Peay------------------ Win 73 - 33
    Against a 6-3 SMU------------------- Win 31 - 24

    Current Record - 8 wins, 0 losses

    And 18th is where we belong? Really?

    No Respect.

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    They got it mixed up.


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      Update: There are now only 2 teams left undefeated. 2. Just 2 out of the 130 college programs. Wisconsin & UCF. Ohhh, now we've moved up to #12. Whoopee!

      To continue the above update:

      Against Connecticut-------------------Win 49 - 24
      Against Temple------------------------Win 45 - 19
      Against Rival USF (9-1)--------------Win 49 - 42

      Current Record 11 - 0

      This weekend we play Memphis for the AAC Championship Title (we already played them back on Sept 30 and the score was a win 40-13)

      But, we are ranked 12th in the nation.


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        Congratulation buddy!


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          I think 12 is fair. South Florida game was one of the most entertaining games of the year. To add injury to insult they will probably lose their coach also.


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            Originally posted by LM_Ike View Post
            I think 12 is fair. South Florida game was one of the most entertaining games of the year. To add injury to insult they will probably lose their coach also.
            He certainly is a hot commodity. In 2015 under George O'Leary's last year, 0 - 12.

            Scott Frost's 1st year (2016) 7 - 6 and a bowl game win.

            His 2nd year (2017) they are 11-0, will probably win the AAC championship (though, this is a much tougher Memphis team than they creamed in the beginning of the season) and a New Years Day big-time bowl.

            I really hope he stays, but, you're right, too many colleges want him, and, will pay through the nose to get him. He'll probably end up in Nebraska where he is from and where he played QB. If he goes, I'll understand, and wish him the best. At least he will be leaving a bunch of kids who now know what it feels like to win.

            BTW, there are 51 kids on that team that were also on the 2015, 0-12 team. Talk about a roller coaster ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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