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If this hasn't gone viral - it should have.

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  • If this hasn't gone viral - it should have.

    We all went to visit Grandma. She was so pleased to see us. She’s getting old, her vision is waning. We wanted to be a great part of her life, have quality time with her and enjoy our visits to remember her.

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    Hello Gordo,

    Brilliant !!! ........ a Deafening Silence from Mobile Phones as got my vote

    Regards, Alois
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      My family generally never has a problem with this around the holidays. An even more amazing thing, Im 27 and we got together for a "friendsgiving" this year (25-30 people all in our mid 20's) and when it came time to eat, everyone threw their phone into a bowl and most people never grabbed it back after we ate. Pretty fun and amazing that people our age could go without their phones all night.


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        Looks staged.


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          Originally posted by PricelineNegotiator View Post
          Looks staged.
          "All the world's a stage,
          And all the men and women merely players"

          - Willie the Shake

          Perhaps you think that because Granny isn't on her iPad?


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            I'm here for the
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              What we have here, is failure to each other.


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                not only does this speak directly to the pathetic lives of so many people, but is offensive to the host and others who would like to share some family conversation. I myself am slowly but surely, pulling myself away from people, so rude as to not be able to stay off their devices during social gatherings!!!


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                  I see the problem now, Grandma doesn't have a cell phone. Shame; or is it?



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                    It's sad to see where we are all going.

                    Thanksgiving 2016 I watch my niece and her husband argue with their two kids on how they were too dependent with their iPhones and that they use play and do things outside when they were younger.
                    The thing that their daughters didn't notice during the argument was that both mom and dad were on their iPhones swiping and messaging as they were debating their side of the story.
                    Really hypocritical.
                    I felt like calling them out......but not my circus, not my monkeys
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                      Poor Grandma, no cell phone, no social media. How can she communicate with anybody, no wonder she is lonely.


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                        Grandma DOES have a phone, but it's a flip phone and doesn't include a data message plan! (aka - my mom!)


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