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  • Politically Correct Packaging

    Ok, now they've done it!

    Yes, boys and girls, the Animal Crackers cookies that we've all grown up with is no longer the same. PETA made them let the animals out of their cages!

    Don't you think being "Politically Correct" has gone just a tad bit too far?!?!?!?

    It's a CIRCUS! Animals are supposed to be in cages!
    Last edited by MailGuru; 08-22-2018, 10:58 AM.

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    I have been to a few earth day events in cincinnati. There were some Peta people there showing pictures of mistreated animals. I asked them do you know where the pictures were taken. They said no the national Peta folks supplied them. My next question have you ever been on a farm where live stock is raised again they said no.
    I told them that no farmer would ever let their animals get in such bad shape because they are now not saleble and impose a loss to the bottom line. Next I told them that in a free range chicken setup of 75,000 chickens it is not uncommon to have a few dead chickens every day. They said that was terrible. Next I said that if you have a community of 75,000 people there will be few dying every day.
    Our next conversation end with we telling them. if you could get PETA to help all people to be treated as well the animals you are trying to portect the PETA organiztion would garner an edge of respect.
    The Peta folks had nothing to say after that.


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      Most circuses don't have animal acts anymore and circus trains haven't been around since the mid 20th century. I don't think most children today would understand why the animals on the box were in cages in the first place.
      Personally, I find the new packing more attractive than the previous style.


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        looks good, i dont like peta or other organizations strong arming anything but this was a good choice.


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          I think they should change the name of them then. These are not truly Barnum's Animals anymore then. Just because you don't like what was done in history does not mean things should not be historically accurate.


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            This story is not a big deal since companies make changes to their packaging all the time. The new art looks good and the animals are now free and happy. I do agree with Mail guru's opinion that companies should not cave to threats from activist groups in the name of being pc. I suppose in PETA's case, this mission was a lot more respectable than dumping red paint on ladies fur coats.


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