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    Question to the McCoy's: Why are you shootin at the Hatfields?
    Answer: "Well, because they are Hatfields"

    Question to the Hatfields: Why are you shootin at the McCoys?
    Answer: "Well, because they are McCoys"

    Sound familiar?


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      Originally posted by smalloffsetpressexperts
      MailGuru The Hatfields and The McCoys did not run our government. Voting in the USA requires binary thinking. I get the point of your reply. It has been a fun discussion and also very important with major impacts as to what is UnAmerican, which I find a very unkind remark. But also a thoughtful and crafted question based on the posting person views of the news they watch and read. I would like you to watch this YouTube video please and this will be my final remark
      There is so much wrong in the argument presented in that video, the worst being the logical fallacy of guilt by association.


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        Donald J Trump is the greatest President since Franklin D Roosevelt. This makes me totally independent since one was from the left and the other from the right. Oh, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the guy from the RIGHT is for the entire country and it's interests. Evidence in fact, the good old red, white and blue is currently running well on all cylinders.

        D Ink Man


        • gordo
          gordo commented
          Editing a comment
          @ D Ink Man - Just curious, have tariffs on Chinese goods affected US ink? If so, in what way? If not, do you expect them to at some point?

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        Originally posted by smalloffsetpressexperts View Post
        Gordo just answer this please Are you for Trump or against Trump? Are you for Kavanaugh or against him?
        I'm absolutely horrified by style and tone and even more so yes, in principle, once a healthy confrontational readiness here turns into subliminal threat and concomitant uncompromising.

        Okay, Gordo's theme is an "American" issue. If you like so even a patriotic (for me personally as suspicious as a religious).

        But this forum is called PrintPLANET. And we are here in the lounge, right?

        I think it's good that someone shows profile, make my decision but on an international background.



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          "Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms"


          Regards, Alois


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            I think as far as the supreme court goes, a lifetime appointment is the only way to stop it from being political. I believe our founding fathers knew we would have a "political" government, and as a way to make sure laws were constitutionally interpreted, a lifetime appointment would ensure that they were free from the political system by not having to campaign, raise money, being bought by lobbyist, etc. Up until this last nomination, most justices were approved with support from both sides. This one turned political an nasty in a hurry like no one had ever seen before. I just hope the next nomination doesn't get this ugly.


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              @ Gordo, US ink manufacturers are mostly supplied by raw materials made within the borders. Truthfully, I do not know if the tariffs even are effecting the one particular cheap material that are used; 'the pigment(s). That is cheap as compared to other regions. D


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                Originally posted by gordo View Post
                ...that an individual could be installed in a government role for life
                ...that the sitting President - who may have a political agenda to do so - can constrain the specifics of FBI investigations
                The U.S. has an extremely unique constitution, succinct and fairly short too.
                For example:
                The Constitution states that Justices "shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour." This means that the Justices hold office as long as they choose and can only be removed from office by impeachment. ~quoted from the SCOTUS website

                And in this case, POTUS deflected to the Senators, and did what they requested.

                Don't like it? Vote others into office. But plllllease, I ask of our elected officials, play by the rules.


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                  Trump picked someone for the Supreme Court who believes in the imperial presidency. He picked a man who has been a partisan Republican hack since he graduated from law school. The zeal with which he attacked Bill Clinton during the Starr White Water investigation is well documented. But after that adventure, he now believes a President should be absolved of investigation while in office. The President who nominated Kavanaugh is under investigation. There's a lot of conflicts of interest.


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