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U.S. Flushing away Canada's old boreal forests

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  • U.S. Flushing away Canada's old boreal forests

    The U.S. consumes more toilet paper than any other country, almost three rolls per person each week. Compounding the environmental concerns is that this excessive tissue usage is wiping out Canada’s old boreal forests - the source of the trees that provide the virgin pulp used in toilet paper. In addition, the tissue is flushed down the toilet - without a recycling diversion.

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    Corn cobs?


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      Maybe if manufacturers stopped cutting back the size of the rolls people could use less. I think rolls are about .75" more narrow than they used to be, so people need more to accomplish the same job. Costco brand (Kirkland) is the only one I'm aware of (in Canada) that still sells the original width.
      Notice how I avoided mention of the size of the assholes.
      Alternatively, a wet sponge can be reused. Some sponges even have a grittier side to satisfy those accustomed to single ply jailhouse brand toilet paper. May not be the best in a public washroom setting though.


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        At the end of the day it´s the Canadians who are cutting down the trees with dollar-signs in thier eyes and selling them to America.
        Americans will be Americans, you can´t stop that from happening but in the end Malthus will put an end to it long before the last tree is dead.


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          Originally posted by D Ink Man View Post
          Corn cobs?
          Americans used to use almost three cobs per person, per week...


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            Originally posted by alibryan View Post

            Americans used to use almost three cobs per person, per week...


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              Old Granddad use to use old Sears & Roebuck catalogs. It served well in the outhouses of yesterday. Cannot revert to that anymore because there is no printing. Oh well.



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                I knew Canada was good for something. Keep up the good work and our American Butts clean. MACA


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                  Americans are ingenious. Once we run out of old growth Canadian forests, I'm sure we'll figure out another way to keep our butts clean.
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