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Extra thick Wacom Pen?

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  • Extra thick Wacom Pen?

    Does anyone know if Wacom, or any third party vendors make a thicker than normal pen?

    I thought Wacom use to, but I was unable to find one on their site.

    I typically just wrap my pen in coban to make the grip thicker (helps with tendonitis), but my pen just broke, so I'm up for a new one.

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    Re: Extra thick Wacom Pen?

    I poked around and couldn't find any adapters to modify the pen holder.
    I don't like the thicker ones myself, but I do appreciate the fact that I may need one in the future.
    I've had several cortisone shots in my elbows and wrist to help with the carpel tunnel.

    no help,



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      Re: Extra thick Wacom Pen?

      I called Wacom and they recommend using a hair scrunchee (sp?).

      I use to use coban, which is like Ace bandage but sticky on one side. It worked well but would get kinda beat up over time, and come loose. One of the designers I work with has been going to occupational therapy for wrist pain and they gave him this pen sleeve (it's a thick rubber-ish tube that slides right over the pen). He grabbed me one on his last visit, so I'm stylin' now (no pun intended)!

      I too, have had cortisone shots for tendonitis of the elbow.

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        Re: Extra thick Wacom Pen?

        the hair scrunchee thing just sounds weird (can't spell it either, so I think you're right!).

        glad you got something that works anyway.



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          Re: Extra thick Wacom Pen?

          Living in a house with 3 females, I think hair scrunchees are to girls what duct tape is to boys. I have found them employed in multiple uses. ;-)


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