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  • Poker Player Roundup

    Saw a reference in another thread and figured it give it a home. If you enjoy playing poker sound off. What is your favorite game? How long have you played? Online or offline mostly? What is your biggest win?

    I've been playing NL Hold'em for about 3 or 4 years. Started online. One of the ones who got hooked on TV and ventured out on Pokerroom until they shut it down for U.S. players. I also play regularly in a monthly 50 person home game tourney with some really good players. I started the league with 5 or 6 players and we now have over 100 who have played (40-50 regularly). Typically finish somewhere in top 10 in that.

    Biggest win was first week online. 4th in a 2100 person $25 40k guaranteed (I had only deposited the $25 and it was a rebuy). A few days later finished 3rd in same exact tourney. Downhill online since though. ;-)

    I don't really have a favorite hand, but enjoy busting big hands with 67 suited or low pairs. I'm not very good with bad beats and continue to work on my ability to read people and play both online and off. Very different.

    I play at Full Tilt now, but don't have much time for it.

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    Re: Poker Player Roundup


    i played for years, and then started with full tilt, but like you, i have a hard time finding the time for it. i never played for real money online...and the play money games, why bother? especially the NL stuff, someone goes all in on every hand, and it just inst real poker playing for play money.

    i dont play all that often, but in the winter i am usually involved in several home tournaments. i am actually getting ready to have one coming up pretty soon. as i mentioned in the other thread, i like omaha and 7 card stud, because it is hard to get away from medium strenght hands, and if you arent careful you can get caught with your hand in the cookie jar easier. NL holdem is fun, but it is too easy to look at your 2 cards and fold, and that doesnt make for much fun at a home game, unless it is a NL holdem tournament.

    blackjack is my real love, but that is hard to play outside the casino. i am lucky enough to live near the mississippi river and have a lot of riverboat casinos nearby, but i dont have the cash for that kind of thing these days. i had some major scores playing blackjack in vegas and at the riverboats. i actually had some fun playing blackjack at a casino in vancouver when i was there for Kodak Prinergy training (its nice how they have a casino so nice and close to the training facility).

    wow, i think ill go to the riverboat tonight. my wife will be delighted you started this thread!



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      Re: Poker Player Roundup

      Been playing for years. Home games, casino, online..... bring it on!

      Wish I was disciplined enough to make a living at it!

      For fun I play online HORSE.... Hold em (limit), Omaha hi-low, Razz, Stud, and Stud 8 or better.

      Been experimenting with no limit, but I have trouble overcoming 20 years of limit holdem experience!

      Best win ever.... One Friday night at the local casino 3 or 4 years ago, I played 10/20 omaha hi-low with a half kill, starting at 6 pm. By 4 am, I was down about $350 and the game broke. Then went to 15/30 limit holdem. By 7 or 8 am I was even. The game settled into 10 players for about 4 hours, and I was in the zone! !! (meaning I was reading players and situations very well).. At about 2 pm the players started changing out and about 3 pm, a couple of very tough players bought into the table and I decided 21 hours was enough! I cashed out $3,000 ahead for the entire session. ]


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