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Canon iPF8000, is two sided printing possible?

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  • Canon iPF8000, is two sided printing possible?

    I think I posted this questio in the wrong area, so I am reposting it here.

    Hey all, we reiceved a free Canon iPF 8000 from a company since we ar going to buy our products through them and I have heard that we cannot print our quick proofs two sided on 50lb. offset, is that true?

    What we have now is an EPSON Pro 9800 and EFI Colorproof XF. Boss does not want to renew the service contract with EPSON since we received a 'free' printer, since I know that nothing is free in this world, I just want to make damn sure that the Canon will work for us before he goes off and sells the EPSON on us.

    Matt B.

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    Re: Canon iPF8000, is two sided printing possible?

    I was given a 8000 to try. I raced it against one of my 15 HPZ6100's. It was slightly faster...until it started banding. By the time I had the thing clean the HPZ was long gone. I then tried reloading the media print side down on the two machines. No matter what I tried the 8000 was having none of it, so i gave up and boxed it back up and left it in the warehouse. They still havent collected it!


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