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Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

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  • Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

    I am running an Epson 9600 and need to run overlays for proofs. I have a HP transparent roll and am getting image stretching on the transparency. Does anyone know of a solution to this aside from having film made (I don't have access to a film processor)?



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    Re: Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

    The quick fix would be to calculate how much it is stretching, and then re-output it with unproportional scaling to bring it back to the length it is supposed to be.


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      Re: Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

      Stretching in which direction? In the direction of throughput or side to side? Is it stretching the same amount consistently? Do all films stretch?
      Bob Hill
      Mid-States Graphics


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        Re: Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

        My experience with this is when running two different machines, one with film and one with paper. When running a paper proof with an overlay, the overlay usually does not fit precisely. I assumed that it was simply the feed length calibration was a bit off between the two printers, rather than film stretching, but I never investigated it that carefully, as it seldom comes up with us.


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          Re: Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

          I have the same issue. Rescaling is not the answer, the stretch varies with total lenght, not a constant factor. We fooled around for hours with Epson adjustments and got discouraged after a while. I simply print all overlays on acetate and mount then on foamcore. Hope this helps


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            Re: Printing transparent overlays on Epson 9600

            We use transparencies quite a bit from a 9600 as well as 9800 for color key overlays. These are used as separation proofs for flexo. They replace the analog keys we all made since the beginning of time. Unfortunately the Epson is not really designed for this and you will get a puzzled look from everyone involved, even the sales and tech reps. Sizing will not be accurate, even worse if you use roll material. Files imaged 4 hours later will not fit, even of the same image. When I mean fit, I really mean fit. like film would. Some will be out worse than others. Also, unless anyone knows out there, there is really not material made that will dry/cure properly between each sheet, so you have to stand by the machine and babysit. Ahh, the price we pay for advancing technology.


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