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Printing white from inkjet printer?

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  • Printing white from inkjet printer?

    Hello all. I'm new to the forums looking for help for a question pertaining to printing "white on white". I've seen in a few different places things printed, or cd covers/booklets that have a design in white on white paper... you can only really see this design when the light hits it because of the glossy ink on matte (or less glossy) paper. I know my inkjet printer doesn't have white ink but is there anyway to achieve this same effect? I was thinking maybe giving the color a CMYK value of something just a little above white but it doesn't seem to work (the CMYK value was something like 0 0 0 5 )

    Can anyone help me with this? It would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Printing white from inkjet printer?

    I doubt that was done with "white Ink". The most logical solution to a shiny object printed on a white piece of paper would be to use UV as a spot color on the paper. That said, unless your inkjet has UV coating in-line, you won't be able to mimic it. This was used on the original Metallica "black" album back in the eighties and is common in Point of Purchase and other marketing pieces to make certain areas pop off the paper. As UV requires curing, this would not be practical on a device that isn't designed specifically for applying it.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. You could run your fingertip against the piece and see if you feel a tiny ridge. That would definitely tell you for sure.


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      Re: Printing white from inkjet printer?

      Patrick is right, this sounds like spot UV, most probably litho'd or screenprinted. The other option of course is spot varnishing...hmm but possibly not on CD's. UV is a huge enterprise and will definitely not be included on a small inkjet printer, that said we would be interested to know what print kit you have.


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