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Inkjet printer for printing on rough paper

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  • Inkjet printer for printing on rough paper

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forum and somewhat new to printing but unfortunately I've been put in charge of resolving this problem. My company has just got into printing on a type of paper that is rough on one side. It's kind of hard to explain the material so it might be better to explain my problems with our current printer, an Epson Stylus Photo 1400.

    There are two main problems both relating to the roughness of the paper. The first is that when the printer pulls the paper in, the roller gets little bits of paper stuck to it. They are really small pieces and it doesn't really effect the quality of the paper but after pulling in 3 or 4 sheets it won't be able to pull in anymore because the roller has too much paper residue on the rubber roller. It's easy enough to clean it but it becomes a pain and requires someone to keep an eye on it constantly.

    The bigger problem which is also a result of the residue is that we get banding after about every 10 or 15 sheets. I have to run the head cleaner which resolves the problem but this is a major waste of time and ink.

    My biggest concern is the banding since there is probably some way to rig up a sponge or brillo pad to clean the rubber feeder as it turns. So is there anyone who has had any experience with a similar kind of paper or anyone who knows of a good alternative printer that would work better?

    If I left anything important out please let me know, thanks.
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