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  • Oce Arizona 350gt Help Question

    I'm thinking of buying one of these printers from a foreclosure. The only thing I'm worried is that the previous owners removed all the inks when they closed the door. The business has been shut for about 2 months but the ac and all the machines were never turned off including the oce. Now there is no indicator saying the print heads are bad, but that's my main concern. I know these print heads are quite costly and I don't want to invest this type of money without knowing what I'm getting my self into. The person closing will let me go in to check the machine out again, but without ink in there how can I know if the print heads are bad? Any help is greatly appreciated as I have to look at this machine tomorrow. Oh btw the machine was bought brand new and wasn't even used 6 months

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    If you can't see it print, it's going to be a dice roll regardless of what you do. But then that's going to be the case for anyone, so what I'd suggest is that you make an offer accordingly.

    If the heads have been sitting with no ink in them at all, then most likely they're okay, but how many people forcibly shut down are really all that careful winding down? My guess is they drained the tanks, but didn't flush the lines or the heads.

    One thing I'd check is to make sure if the lines and heads do or don't still have ink in them now. And on the plus side, remember that UV ink isn't nearly do bad sitting in heads as -- say --solvent ink, because UV ink doesn't dry until it's cured by UV light.

    Good luck,

    Mike Adams
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      If the power was left on then it should be ok. Otherwise it would lose miniscus vacuum and the ink would drain out of the heads making a bit of a mess!

      As Mike points out, UV ink should remain liquid and not dry out like a solvent system.

      Otherwise I would expect by the age and limited use, the printheads are still good. On average one head fails every year or two.


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        Another thing is the machine says the last print was at the end of 8/12 it's only been 4 months and the machine never lost power once. I'm looking at it tomorrow but being out here in hawaii lack of ink and support for the machine is what's making this difficult


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