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  • Replacing Proofers

    Anyone have an opinion of the best Inkjet Proofers out there right now? Currently running 2 Epson 9800s that are starting to deteriorate. I'll be happy to consider anything so let me know what you guys recommend.



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    Re: Replacing Proofers

    I would buy a new 9880 or 11880. I love the 11880 because it's twice as fast as the 9880.


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      Re: Replacing Proofers


      We have an HPZ2100 here and its nice. Don't know about speed compared to Epsons but here's why we went with the HP.

      On-board spectro, keeps it calibrated automatically, also can create profiles with it for whatever paper you try. We are currently using G7 method here and just using the standard profile in our, inexpensive EFI Designer Edition for HP rip that we got with the printer for $650. Using this standard Gracol profile and the printers own calibration only, no custom linearization or anything, because it isn't possible with this rip, I just read deltaE's on my proof as follows:
      using HP Semigloss Contract Proofing paper
      G7 Solids
      C .66
      M .19
      Y .94
      K 1.44
      CM 2.84
      CY 1.40
      MY .74
      CMY 1.58

      Gray balance (with densitometer) Paper read .09 on k
      25% K 32k, 32,31,28cmy
      25%CMY 34k, 32,33,30cmy
      50%K 59k, 55,58,54cmy
      50%CMY 63k, 58,62,58cmy
      75%K 101k, 97,100,95cmy
      75%CMY 101k, 97,99,96cmy

      Also, HP inks were cheaper than the Epson AND you don't have to change out the blacks to print photo, matte or light blacks. They have their own cartidges and print heads, with the Epson I understood you had to change the cartridge and then it had to flush all the previous ink out before it was printing with the new one, thus wasting whatever was in the tubes? I could be wrong, maybe the Epson doesn't have tubes?

      I saw yesterday where several rips are out or coming out to take advantage of the onboard spectro for fully automatic calibration\color management using this printer, GMG, EFI among others.

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