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Scratching on Film Media from Epson 4800

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  • Scratching on Film Media from Epson 4800

    I am having a problem with our Epson 4800 printer and our film media (it's on a roll). We are using the film to print negatives and then having the automatic cutter cut the film off the roll. We noticed that the film is coming out with a dotted scratch pattern on the last 3" of every piece. I changed the platen gap, increased the drying time between passes, changed the suction amount - everything I could think of.

    Watching a print up close yesterday, I noticed that as the film is printing, at the very end of the piece (right around that 3" mark) that there is a bar in the front of the printer with little plastic pointy pieces (which don't touch the media at all). The whole bar rotates and on the other side of the bar is a set of rollers that appear to be metal and pointed in shape. I know now that these are what are scratching our film.

    How do I get around that? Is this roller just a feeder roller or does it have something to do with the automatic cutter?

    I hope I explained this well enough. Thanks!

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    Re: Scratching on Film Media from Epson 4800

    There are many types of film media. Is it waterproof or non waterproof? Acetate or polyester?

    I can provide you with sample of premium waterproof film for evaluation. 5 mils.



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