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    As I said in my reply, it's one of the most-used RIP's in the industry and the one I use personally.


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      Originally posted by Correct Color View Post

      "This type of client is often even pickier than conventional print buyers and typically knows even less."

      I'd just quibble with this. This is a viable, valid market. True, the clients can be discriminating. But lots of them know what they want, have money to spend, and are perfectly reasonable as to what is possible. All they ask is to be at the outer edges of what that is. As long as they're serious credible players, there's no reason not to pursue them.
      I should probably have expanded on my comment. It's critical that expectations for your performance in image editing and presswork are set clearly and unambiguously. It is one of the reasons that shops that do this type of work often have a specialist sales person to handle this class of client. If the supplied image was done properly it should have some color targets included in the image. At the very least the Kodak separation strip ( And are you expected to "match" the digital image or the original art that was digitized?

      There's no reason not to pursue this class of work, however, in my experience, they are not the same as general commercial printing clients.


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