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Wide Format Black & White Prints for Simple Sizing Mockups

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  • Wide Format Black & White Prints for Simple Sizing Mockups

    Looking for ideas on what printer I can buy for Printing Large Black & White mockups inexpensively. I currently print out a bunch of 8.5x11 papers on my HP 4100 black and white laser printer then tape them together. Sometimes I have to do this 3-4 times to get the size right for the substrate I am working with and takes up a bunch of time.

    I do not need good quality so hoping to find a printer that does not cost much for ink, just need to know if the size will work on the substrate. I believe something in the 24" to 30" printable size will work for me. I Figure I could always tape the larger printouts together if I need something bigger.
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    A lot of the older desktop printers have a continuous or banner setting for printing the old pin feed paper. Check the ones you have, you may already own one.


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      Thank you for that. Very interesting. I have three printers, one being an old hp laserjet 4100. I am really looking for something in the 24" range to really save me the time.


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        You could probably get a used Epson 7800 pretty cheap. At another place I worked we used one for doing mock ups on 24"x30" sheets.


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          Look for a used HP Designjet - 24" or 36" wide - paper rolls are cheap - ink is inexpensive (and readily available) - there are lots of them around - very reliable - saw one in our area recently for under $500 - we're on our third one (we do a fair volume in construction drawings). Many engineering, architectural firms and quick print/copy shops use these things. Only thing you need to do is use them regularly or like any ink jet - heads will be problematic.


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            IMO, just get with your local printer/copy shop. Let them have the expense of the machine. Black and white prints on cheap paper should be inexpensive. Your time will be better spent.


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