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Epson F6200 color drift

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  • Epson F6200 color drift

    We have always used Epson 7880s converted to use sublimation ink, however we have switched over to Epson F6200s about a year ago. I thought that the color would hold better on the F6200's since they are made for sublimation, but the drift is way worse on them. It seems completely random, the color could hold for a month or two, or only for a week or less. With the 7880s the color would gradually shift over a few months but with the F6200 the color will dramatically change from one day to the next, or start drifting way faster than with the 7880s. Does anyone have any experience with this way too frequent color shift on the F6200's?

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    Forest - I can connect you with our Color Services Expert Jim Memije - He's very knowledgeable with the Epson Dye Sub machines and has done a ton of color work on them. Are you sublimating to metal with your 6200"s? What's your application? Send me an email and I'll connect you. I'll private message my email.


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