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Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

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  • Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

    Hello everyone. I am hoping that someone could answer a question for me. I have been trying to fix the head alignment on our Epson 10000, by the book, and it doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I would prefer to try and figure it out without having to call Epson, it will cost an arm and a leg. Thanks.

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    Re: Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

    what's the problem exactly? are you running the test, inputting the numbers and it's not aligned after that?


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      Re: Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

      That is correct. I have tried doing what the book says about 20 times, but there is never a difference in the printouts.


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        Re: Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

        is it obvious that you have print head issues on other printouts you make? I believe that pattern you are printing is designed to always look the same,


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          Re: Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

          Cory is right, it is a print head problem. The solution is not pretty. It invloves lots of money and down-time.
          My suggestion to you is to replace the Epson 10000 with an Epson 9880.
          The print head tech. is better and the inks will give you much better prints. And all for about the same as the service call and parts for the old unit.


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            Re: Please Help - Epson 10000 Head alignment

            Just joined up, started reading a few posts and this one caught my eye.

            I also had problems with my Epson 10000 and the head alignment. I called the Epson support line and they got me in touch with an Epson certified technician. The tech came out and charged us about $1800 to replace the head, and it took 3 hours. That $1800 was the total price of the part and labor combined.

            Not cheap, but less expensive than buying a complete new one.

            You probably won't be able to find someone who can do it on the cheap. We were told that only Epson certified technicians are allowed to order the part and they are the only ones certified to open the printer up.


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