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    We cant get solid film

    Thanks for replay the image was exposed is solid all black 100% I checked the vacuum in the drum was good We put new film and new chemical but stil have the problem Regards all
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    We cant get solid film

    Hi every body We still use CTF Magnum and we have problem that the begining of imag about 5 cm solid but the entire film is light no solid Please any body can help Thanks all
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    lp 82 ultra

    dear sir's pleas do any one have wiring diagram for lp 82 plat procissor thanks for helpping Adnan Azzam
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    POLAR EM 115 with monitor

    Hi every one we have problem with the EM 115 with monitor that the size under 60 cm is biger 1mm and up to 100 is smaller 1mm the cutter has the P1,CP1 PCB hope how we can solve the problem best regards Adnan
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    Dear Sir's we have CDI Spark 4835 and we use the soft ware Grapholas Ver.7 under win 2000 server pls we want to up grade the grapholas to newer soft ware than we use any body knows what we need to replace our soft ware Best regards Adnan Azzam
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    Trendsetter problem

    pls need help for trendsetter error beam balance not achieved pls see attachment regards
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    MAN ROLAND R202 Problem

    some other gay know how to configure the machine from 3 units to 2 units regards Adnan
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    MAN ROLAND R202 Problem

    Dear Sir I have problem with printing machine MAN ROLAND type R202 ET OB the power cut off suddenly and when we turn On the machine it seen it self three units please can any one tells me how I configure it again for tow units Best regards Adnan
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    muller martini trimmer

    Hi every one please am looking for electric wiring daigram for three trimmer Muller Martini 3670 regards adnan
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    Recommended CTP machine

    sorry i think he has letter press not offset press
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    polar em 115 error 86

    Thanks Mr Magnus for your kind reply best regards Adnan
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    polar em 115 error 86

    Hi evry body pls does any one know the error 86 in polar EM 115 regardadnan
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    moeller easy 619-ac-rcx

    Hi every one pls do any one have the electric internel wiring of easy 619-AC-RCX without display regards Adnan Azzam
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    Katana FT-R 5055 Machine Error 30 Initialization Problem.

    hi did yuo checked the 5dc for the hard disks must be over 5.2 v or dis connect one off the the hard disk one by one regards
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    Herkules Basic errot

    Hi every one pls I need help for error 8102 in ctf herkules basicafter sending a job at test r49 I got error EC CONTROL MAXIMUM LIGHT CAN NOT REACHED Best regards adnan azzam

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