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    HP Scitex 700 Ink Replacement

    Hello All, My wide format guy left and I am now learning the quirks of our HP Scitex 700. I am curious if the machine will prompt me to replace the ink or if I should replace the ink when it is low? I have 2 inks on 0%-1%. There is still a decent amount of ink in the box though. Will it hurt...
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    Envelope Printer Experiences

    Are you in a dry climate? When I was struggling with the same issue I saw a few times people mentioning that being in an arid climate could be a large contribution to that problem. Also it is possible that the capping station is not sealing correctly causing the head to dry out, making sure the...
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    Envelope Printer Experiences

    Man those demo videos sure make it seem like a beast! We are thinking of replacing our offset press also (We are having trouble finding someone that would be willing to run it). So maybe this machine could cover the offset envelope jobs also. Realistically anything over 10k envelopes we send out...
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    Envelope Printer Experiences

    Mostly the image quality and reliability of the machine. The print head nozzles would clog up and would have to be cleaned every 25-40 envelopes, depending on the coverage. Our supplier thought that most of our problems were caused by the low humidity of our climate. So we tried to increase how...
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    Envelope Printer Experiences

    While it was a neat feature it made up less than .5% of the envelopes that we printed. Not to mention, while I admit it might be user error, we always had trouble getting it to actually do a full bleed it was always more trouble then it was worth. But one year we had some really nice company...
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    Envelope Printer Experiences

    After struggling with our Rena Mach6 for about 2 years, a local distributor offered to buy it back from us. Meaning we have an opening for a new envelope printer that (hopefully) won't make me want to rip my hair out. Currently we are entertaining the idea of the Xante EnPress. Does anyone have...

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What about Profitability?
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