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    HP Thinks About the Box

    What photos are you asking for, Gordo?
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    How to open damaged pdf file?

    Try opening it in Photoshop. Al
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    Automated Trapping Solution

    Here is a word of warning about using Illustrator to edit pdf files. Al Ferrari
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    Graphics-Pro 5.1 to Exxact speedsetter X2 300

    Have you tried getting help from the people you bought the Speedsetter X2 300 imagesetter? Al
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    Help with centering pages in Preps 5

    OKLP: 1. Do a"Get Info" on the page in the Preps run list. There will be a"Position Adjustment" pup up with a centering choice. 2. Read the manual. Al
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    clogged line

    What does EPSON have to say about it? Al
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    Word to Indesign

    There is a Regular and a Pro version of the PDF2ID plugins from Recosoft for $149 and $249, but there's absolutely no description of the difference between then at the Recosoft site. Does anyone know the difference? Al
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    Profits per Print Establishment Best Since 2000

    The better index of what? What does it mean if that number is high or low? Al
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    If this is anew roller that ALWAYS acted this way, then change the roller. But if this particular roller once worked properly, then I repeat what I said earlier: "your form roller fits much too tight in the side to side sense. Try to figure out how to loosen that a bit. The adjustment may be in...
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    Re-read the original post. He reports that the form roller DOES NOT MOVE when the roller is in place and the handle is engaged. It's not a matter of it not quite reaching the plate. Al
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    No direct experience with the 360 here, but from general small press experience I would say your form roller fits much too tight in the side to side sense. Try to figure out how to loosen that a bit. The adjustment may be in the shaft itself (is there a set screw on the shaft handle?). Good...
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    Dog ear corner on second fold of 16 page sig.

    Can you post 1 or 2 photos that show the dog earring and the relative ink coverage? Al
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    Upgrading to OS X.8.6

    System Preferences/Print & Fax, then add printer. You highlight the devices in the selection window and follow the dialog. More detailed help at
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    Upgrading to OS X.8.6

    Proof read before posting: your headline says 10.8.6, but your text says 10.6.8. Are you talking about Snow Leopard? Al
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    Software Support

    The problem with vendor's tech support is the policies that the tech support staff are REQUIRED to follow. I have a current problem with Acrobat 8 Pro, which is "no longer supported" and found the well meaning and otherwise helpful tech agent at Adobe was not permitted (my word) to help me with...

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